Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (2023)

Father's Name

Gordon Ramsay Sr

Mother's Name

Helen Cosgrove

Siblings names

Diane Ramsay (older sister), Ronnie Ramsay (younger brother), Yvonne Ramsay (younger sister)

Is Gordon Ramsay a gay/bisexual?


What is Gordon Ramsay marital status?


Who is Gordon Ramsay wife?

Tana Hutcheson Ramsay

How many children does he have?

5 (daughters Megan and Tilly, twins Holly and Jack, son Oscar)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (1)

You may know Gordon Ramsay as one f the best chefs in the world, the owner of a restaurant chain, consisting of 40 items, the holder of Michelin stars, and a reality TV personality. His culinary shows, like “Kitchen Nightmares”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, “MasterChef’ and others made him a noticeable figure in the world of delicious dishes. But for his family members, he is just a friend, supporter, and kind-hearted person. Let’s find out everything about the Gordon Ramsay family!

Tana Hutcheson Ramsay (wife)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (2)

Date of birth: August 23, 1974

Not each celebrity can boast a great family, but Gordon is the lucky one. He has been married to England-born Cayetana Hutcheson, widely known as Tana, since December 21, 1996. They met for the first time four years earlier, when she was still a college student. Gaining her degree in Montessori teaching, the woman devoted the major part of her time to rising Gordon and her five kids. Besides, she wrote a string of culinary books, which became best-sellers.

Tana became widely popular after her appearance as a contestant on the show “Dancing on Ice”. Although she had to quit the project in the fourth week, she gained wide recognition after that. Gordon’s wife appeared on TV for the second time as the host of the food show “Market Kitchen”. After that, she was a frequent guest on her husband’s TV shows, including “MasterChef”, aired on American TV. She added some kudos to her name after she became an inseparable part of the reality series “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch”, created by her daughter.

Besides, Tana is an active member of the charity organization “Women’s Aid’, the aim of which is to protect women from domestic violence.

Gordon Ramsay kids

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (3)

Megan Jane Ramsay (daughter)

Date of birth: May 16, 1998

Megan and his wife always dreamed to have a big family, according to Tana’s interview in 2008. Two years after their official marriage they became parents of their firstborn – a girl, named Megan.

Megan Jane doesn’t like the celebrity status of her parents and prefers to stay out of the limelight. Nevertheless, she made her beautiful face recognizable after her appearance on her father’s show “Hell’s Kitchen”. The episode was devoted to Megan’s birthday party.

After school, the girl entered Oxford Brooks University, where she majored in Psychology. Later she found a job as an accountant.

Holly Ramsay (daughter; Jack’s twin)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (4)

Date of birth: January 1, 2000

This gorgeous blonde diva is Gordon’s second daughter Holly Anna Ramsay. Unlike her older sister, she likes public attention and maintains a bright Instagram account, followed by 323, 000 people. Besides, Holly is Tik Tok star with 314, 000 subscribers.

Although both her parents are great chefs, Holly can’t cook well. She showed it in her father’s Tik Tok video, in which Gordon mocked her when she tried to make gnocchi. But the good-looking girl has already chosen her career – she became a model, signed by Est Models. Previously, she studied fashion at Ravensbourne University.

In a podcast, which she hosts with her friend Talitha Fosh, Holly shared that she passed through sexual assault at the age of 18. Now her mission is to help people in a similar situation.

Jack Ramsay (son; Holly’s twin)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (5)

Date of birth: January 1, 2000

Jack Scott Ramsay is Holly’s twin. He is as handsome as his sister but doesn’t like modeling. Instead of it, Jack is a skillful athlete. He practiced Jiu-Jitsu and water polo as a high school student. After graduating in 2020 he joined Royal Marines, one of 5 finding arms of the British Navy. The proud father congratulated his son on Instagram for this great achievement.

Tilly Ramsay (daughter)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (6)

Date of birth: November 8, 2001

Matilda, or Tilly, is Gordon’s only child, who seems to follow in his footsteps. Being interested in culinary as deeply as her dad, Tilly founded the family culinary show “Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover”, being still a teen girl. Since then, she presented the book of recipes “Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover” and continued her career on TV. In 2021 she was a contestant on the British show “Strictly Come Dancing”. Her partner was a Ukrainian-born dancer Nikita Kuzmin.

Tilly shares a very close bond with her famous father and calls him “the best friend”. Despite her young age, she is socially active and supports various charity initiatives. Thus, she announced charity participation in Marathon 2023, the participants of which accumulate money for kids with cancer.

Oscar Ramsay (son)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (7)

Date of birth: April 4, 2019

Oscar James is the youngest addition to the Ramsay family. He is pampered by his older siblings. He became a real gift to his parents as he was born three years after his mother’s miscarriage in 2016. Now, the boy leads the typical life for a kid of his age. He travels with his parents, makes a snowman, swims in the pool, and even has already tried to bake cookies.

Who are Gordon Ramsay parents?

Gordon James Ramsay Sr. (father)

Date of birth: 1942

Date of death: 1998

The popular chef characterized his father in a letter for CNN as an occasional alcoholic, prone to violence. He added that he was very cruel to the chef’s mother and beat her. He also smashed all the presents Gordon and his siblings made for their mom. Sometimes the family fights were so hard, that Gordon’s mom was taken to a hospital, while his father appeared in jail. Ramsay Sr. often lost his job and that made him move to another place to search for another one. That’s why Gordon and his siblings changed lots of schools.

Gordon James was born in Port Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom in the family of Jimmy Ramsay and Annie Scott. In 1964 he tied the knot with Helen, Gordon’s mom, and parented four kids with her. The man changed many odd jobs, such as swimming baths manager or welder. Besides, he was a good singer, performed in amateur country bands, and dreamed about a career as a musician.

He left the family house in 1997 after a loud scandal with his wife Helen and daughter Diane. He poured his wife hot milk and that was enough for her. Her daughter and she asked the Women’s Aid organization to help them. After that, Gordon Sr. had to go away. He passed away in 1998 in Margate, England. Before his death, the man re-married and changed his name. Gordon Jr. decided not to attend his dad’s funeral.

Helen Cosgrove (mother)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (8)

Date of birth: 1946

Gordon is a momma’s boy and her opinion is extremely important to her. The Instagram video, where Helen tasted her son’s dish and criticized it became viral. The world’s most popular chef still knows that he cooks worse than his mom!

Gordon’s fans know Helen from multiple appearances on his shows. Thus, she featured on episodes of such shows as “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch” and some others.

Helen was born in Scotland. Since 1964 she has been married to Gordon Sr. They met when Helen was just 16, and she fell in love with him. Soon after the birth of their four kids Gordon Sr. started to cheat and hurt his wife physically. At the same time, he cared about his reputation, and the police didn’t believe, he could have been so violent to his wife and children. Helen worked as a nurse to maintain her four kids. In 1997 she separated from her abusive husband. He passed away soon after that.

Gordon Ramsay siblings

Diane Ramsay (older sister)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (9)

Date of birth: 1965

Gordon’s older sister is Scotland-born Diane Ramsay. She married a man, named Trevor Lane, in 1996. He earns his living as a builder. The couple settled in Wellington, Somerset. They parented three kids: Alfie, Molly, and Callum. After 13 years of married life, they divorced. After that Diane attended a psychologist for 6 months.

Gordon’s sister appeared at the center of public attention after the release of Gordon’s biography book, where he told about all the fears his siblings and he had because of an abusive father. Diane didn’t like to be at the center of public attention, and that’s why she felt very nervous.

The woman used to work in a care home. In her teens, she was good at singing and occasionally performed in her father’s band, but that was rather the way to deserve a drop in his father’s appraisal. But that didn’t help. In her teens, she got lots of assaults from her dad.

Diane was very close with her younger brother Gordon. She was 18 when she rented a tiny apartment and moved with Gordon there. She found a job as a waitress in a restaurant. She found a job for Gordon in the same venue, which became the start of his great career.

Currently, Diane is a Women’s Aid volunteer.

Ronnie Ramsay (younger brother)

Gordon Ramsay family: wife, kids, parents, siblings (10)

Date of birth: 1968

In his interview with Hello magazine, the stellar chef opened up, that his younger brother Ronnie had a drug problem. He was addicted to heroin. Being affected by his brother’s problem, Gordon puts lots of effort to exclude drugs from his restaurant, which is not so easy as some people even asked him to add some cocaine to their restaurant dish.

In 2011 Ronnie went into the limelight after his arrest in Bali, Indonesia for drug possession and arrested. The man later opened up that he had depression because of his abusive father, which led him to heroin addiction. Gordon put lots of effort to help his brother and send him to rehab. They even had a conflict after Ronnie’s arrest and stopped communicating for a while. To earn his living, Ronnie sold newspapers. He was homeless.

Currently, Ronald Watson Ramsay resides in Elburton, Plymouth, United Kingdom. He is single. In 2017 Gordon told that his brother still uses drugs from time to time and he can’t save Ronnie.

Yvonne Ramsay (younger sister)

Date of birth: 1970

Gordon’s other sister is Yvonne. She used to work as a nurse. The woman maintains a very private lifestyle and stays away from the public eye.


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