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He yelled in panic.I didn t, it wasn t me This scene stunned everyone present.Everyone stood up one after another, and some people walked over directly.Many people saw just now that Xiao Xixi suddenly had a stomachache and vomited blood after drinking, and the vomit was still black blood, which was obviously poisonous in the wine.And that glass of poisoned wine was originally intended for Luo Qinghan to drink.If there hadn t been for Xiao Xixi s cross cutting, maybe the person who vomited blood and fell to the ground now would be Luo Qinghan.Chapter 18 kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Jumping into the River Can t Clean It Up Luo Qinghan only felt a surge of hostility in his chest.You didn t kill him last time in the hunt, so did you poison him this time Did they really want him dead that much Xiao Xixi was lying in Luo Qinghan s arms, her little face was pale, and her breath was like a silk.After a long time, Luo Qinghan said slowly Is there a are cbd gummies vegan deadline for your mission Xiao Xixi shook her head No.It s fine if you don t have one.Father is now in his prime, and he can t succeed to the throne alone in a short time, do you understand Xiao Xixi nodded Yes, there is no need to rush this matter.Luo Qinghan took a sip of tea and changed the subject Gu is investigating the poisoned wine today.Xiao Xixi asked, Have you found anything Zhao Xian found out that there was no poison in the wine.It was Gu s wine glass that was smeared with poison.Gu people martha stewart cbd wellness gummies may have touched the wine glass.Find out all the people, investigate and inquire one by one, and finally found a palace lady named Epiphyllum.Someone saw Epiphyllum appearing in Fengqi kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Garden, and she looked flustered, as if she had done something ulterior.Kangkang, this is the highest level of Gongdou Subdue without fighting Xiao Liangdi didn t do anything, just said a few words, all the attention of the prince was attracted, and Li Fangfei was trampled under her feet invisibly.This method is really too clever I really want to kneel down and call Xiao Liangdi crazily When Baoqin passed by Concubine Li, she deliberately stopped and asked with a smile.Does your empress want to stay and have dinner together Hearing this, Xiao Xixi just remembered that there is another concubine Li.She leaned in front of the prince and asked in a low voice.Your Highness, should we take Sister Li to eat together Luo Qinghan said indifferently This is your place, you can make your own decision.Xiao Xixi actually didn t really want to keep Concubine Li to eat together, after all, Li Fang The imperial concubine s seal is a little dark, and she may be unlucky at any time, she doesn t want to be implicated.Xiao Xixi stretched out her right hand, pressed on the area he circled, closed her eyes, and began to sense.After a while, she opened her cbdistillery vegan cbd gummies cbd gummy label eyes, frowned and said If I am not mistaken, these four counties will not rain until the end of this year.The slightest disappointment.There is still less than half a year before the end of the year.If it does not rain, the people in the south may have no harvest this year.As a result, not only can they not pay taxes, but it is also difficult for them to fill their stomachs.How many poor people will starve to death Xiao Xixi stared at the map, tapped it with her fingers, and was still muttering something.Luo Qinghan couldn t hear what she was saying, so he asked directly What did you see Chapter 61 Changing Feng Shui Xiao Xixi didn t answer and asked instead Did any other disasters happen to these four counties last year Well, these four counties had a month of heavy rain last summer, and the river rose, flooding many farmhouses and farmland, causing a large number of kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news people to be displaced and turned into refugees.Chapter 76 Thank you for your patronage When Luo Qinghan woke up, it was still dark outside.Eunuch Chang led the maids and eunuchs into the house and waited for the prince to wash and change clothes.With so many people walking back and forth in the room, occasionally there would be a little noise, but Xiao Liangdi still slept soundly, with no intention of waking up.It stands to reason that the concubine has to personally wait for the prince to get up and change his clothes on the second day after he goes to bed.No concubine has ever dared to stay in bed after the prince wakes up.Eunuch Chang was speechless, Xiao Liangdi is really courageous What made him even more speechless was that the prince didn t even say anything about her, and just let her liberty cbd gummies penis enlargement continue to sleep.Baoqin stood at the door, looking inside, she saw that the prince had already packed up, but her master was still sound asleep.Baoqin came over and asked, My lord, what are you looking at Xiao Xixi sighed These ducks seem to be in good spirits, and there is no one who doesn t like to move.The hen that had been stewed in the pot couldn t help but fell silent.Xiao Xixi finally made up her mind and pointed at a big white duck.This duck eats the most, we ll eat it tonight Baoqin opened the duck pen, walked over to it, and picked up the big white duck that was still devouring its food.The poor big white duck still had unfinished breakfast hanging from its mouth.It stretched its neck and made a piercing rattling sound.Xiao Xixi said with satisfaction Such a fat duck must be very delicious when roasted.Baoqin walked into the small kitchen carrying the big white duck that was sentenced to death for eating too much.After choosing the duck to eat at night, Xiao Xixi s task was completed, and she went back to the house contentedly, got into the bed and continued to sleep.Now that side concubine Li has been sent away, there is only one side concubine Bai left.When the news reached the Jade Lotus Hall, everyone in the Jade Lotus Hall rejoiced.In the past when Concubine Li was around, she often deliberately made things difficult for them, but now that Concubine Li has been brutally punished by Queen Qin, they can be regarded as annoyed.Concubine Bai also felt that the suffocation in her heart had subsided a lot, and she even became more energetic.This was probably the only good news she had heard during this time.But it didn t take long for her to be happy when she was frightened by the news that followed and fell ill again.Concubine Bai was lying on the bed, and asked angrily.Did you hear clearly His Royal Highness is really going to leave the palace and go south Liu Xu reassured We heard it right.

Xiao Xixi I refuse.Chapter 84 One wave of unrest and another wave of rising Concubine Bai thought she had heard wrong, so she couldn t help but ask again.What did you say Xiao Xixi thought to herself, this young lady is not very old, why is her ear not working She had to repeat I say, I refuse.The concubine Bai was so angry at her cold and hard attitude that she didn t give face at all.She wanted to cough, but she was afraid that the other party would say it would be contagious, so she could only cover it.Shut up, panting violently, her little face became paler and paler.Liu Xu hurriedly supported her Mother, don t be angry.Xiao Xixi answered Yes, I am cbd gummy worms clarksville tn how much is cbd gummies 300 mg not angry when others are angry, and there is no one to replace me when I am angry.Concubine Bai Liu Xu Concubine Bai raised her hand with difficulty and pointed at Xiao Xixi, her fingers trembling slightly because of being too angry You, you, shut up Xiao Xixi sighed If I am so angry, whoever is happy, besides It s frustrating and exhausting.She leaned over Your Highness, do you have any orders to find a slave Luo Qinghan retreated everyone, only kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news green leaf cbd gummies him and Xiao Xixi were left in the room.He asked in a bad tone Did you not take what Gu said to heart at all Xiao Xixi said blankly What is your Highness referring to Follow Gu, you are not allowed to leave even one step, and as soon as you turn around, you disappear.Xiao Xixi hurriedly explained Slave Luo Qinghan interrupted her There are no outsiders here, you don t have to call yourself a slave.I am a concubine This is not in the palace, and there is cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news no need to call yourself a concubine.Xiao Xixi thought for a while Is it okay to call myself me This time Luo Qinghan did not interrupt her again.That should be what it means by default.Xiao Xixi continued to say I was afraid of disturbing your bath just now, so I went out to avoid it, and went downstairs to wash my face.While comforting herself like this, Xiao Xixi quickly took off her clothes and plunged into the bathtub.Luo Qinghan was reading a book at first, when he heard the loud sound of water, he couldn t help but look back at her, seeing the water splashed all over the floor, he frowned and said Can t you move more slowly Xiao Xixi A head emerges from the water.Sorry, I must be more careful next time.Luo Qinghan withdrew his gaze and continued to read his book.From time to time, there were a few sounds of water in my ears.But he seemed to have never heard of it, and he was still reading seriously.It seemed that in his world, only this book was left, and everything kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news else was just floating clouds.Xiao Xixi took a shower and got dressed.Your Highness, the servant has finished washing.Yes.Luo Qinghan casually turned a page without looking back at her.Xiao Xixi wanted to say that she was really not afraid, but when she saw the slightly expectant look in the prince s eyes, she changed her purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news mind again.After all, she was the one chosen, so it s okay to pamper him once in a kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news while.She obediently stretched out her hand and grabbed Luo Qinghan s sleeve.Luo Qinghan wanted to say, what s the use of grabbing the sleeve You should grab my hand.But in the end he still wants to save face.He couldn t say this kind of self degrading words, and he said angrily You are only kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news good for this.Before Xiao Xixi could respond, he closed his eyes and fell asleep angrily.Xiao Xixi was in a state of half dream and half awake at this time, her mind turned kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news very slowly, she didn t know why the prince was so well behaved and angry again, after thinking about it, she thought it must be because she didn t eat enough at night, people tend to get angry when they don t eat enough, etc.In order to please the prince, he searched for delicacies 1000mg just cbd gummy everywhere., And let people build a palace in the city, many men in the city were arrested and served as coolies, which made the city full of complaints.Although the guy didn t say it clearly, it could be seen from his expression that he should be very dissatisfied with the coming prince.Their life was already very difficult, why did the prince come out to mess with it Still think it s not messy enough Luo Qinghan asked Where is the palace built The clerk said It s on the east side of the city, you can see it when you go out and turn left and walk straight ahead.They left the inn and walked in the direction the clerk said, and it was very easy.Soon .

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I saw the palace.The palace has not yet been completed, but it has already taken shape, and its scale is unexpectedly large, occupying almost a quarter of the area of Gangu kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news County.Until Xiao Xixi sat in the carriage, he could still hear Yang Kaiguang begging purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news for mercy.She turned her head to look at the prince sitting next to her, and asked curiously How does Your Highness plan to deal with those people Luo Qinghan said indifferently It s up to you.Then who has the final say Of course the common people We have the final say.Under the escort of Zhao Xian, the carriage arrived at the post station smoothly.After getting the news, Eunuch Chang, Prince Shaofu and Prince Shaobao rushed out to meet the prince.When they saw His Highness the Crown Prince appeared in front of them safe and sound, they all heaved a long sigh of relief.Along the way, they were worried about the safety of His Highness the Crown Prince almost day and night, for fear that he would encounter accidents on the road.

He walked outside the Mingguang Palace.At this time Concubine Li and Caiyun were still waiting at the door, they saw Eunuch Chang coming out carrying a food box, which happened to be the one brought by Concubine Li.Concubine Li immediately stepped forward and asked expectantly How is it Has Your Highness finished the soup How does he like it Eunuch Chang shook his head helplessly Your Highness is very busy now, so I don t have time to drink your soup.You d better take the soup back.He didn t care about Concubine Li s face that suddenly turned pale, he put the food box purekana premium cbd gummies price on the ground, turned and left.Concubine Li looked at the food box on the ground, her hopes and hopes were all in vain, panic and does cbd in cannabis gummies promote sleeping uneasiness rushed out, occupying her heart, invading her reason, making her more and more afraid.This is the palace after all.It stands to reason that these things are not allowed in the palace.The reason why the vegetable garden and cbd gummy worms clarksville tn how much is cbd gummies 300 mg chickens, ducks, pigs and geese in the backyard of Qingge Palace can still be kept is because there is no crown princess in charge, and you have His Royal Highness to protect you.Now, the hands of the two side concubines cannot reach cbd gummies shark tank fact check our Qingge Hall.But if there is a crown princess, the situation will be very different.No matter how much His Royal Highness loves you, it is impossible for a little vegetables and livestock to be with you.Do you think it is reasonable Along with her description, Xiao Xixi seemed to see chickens, ducks, geese, and pigs being mercilessly slaughtered, and all vegetables All were ruthlessly pulled out, even the small fish and shrimps in the pond were all cruelly wiped out.He said coldly I does purekana cbd gummies work for tinnitus don t like sweets.Xiao Xixi hurriedly said There are also desserts that are not very sweet.I don t like the ones that are not sweet.Xiao Xixi said with a bitter face You are too difficult Waiting.Chapter 164 Xiao Liangdi is not an outsider When Luo Qinghan was talking to Xiao Liangdi, Nie Changping was staring at Xiao Liangdi without blinking.When he first saw her, Nie Changping didn t recognize her yet, he just felt that this woman looked familiar, and when he took a closer look, he found that this little beauty in a lotus colored skirt and hair bun like a cloud was actually Xiao Xi Nie Changping was stunned.Isn t Xiao Xi a little eunuch Why is he in women s clothing Also claiming to be a concubine Could it be diamond cbd relax gummies with melatonin the prince still has the evil taste of letting eunuchs dress up as concubines Tut tut tut I didn t expect the prince to look so cold and arrogant, but to have such a strong taste in private, what a shame Perhaps it was because Nie Changping s gaze was too straightforward, which attracted Xiao Xixi s rubbed his hands excitedly When I win the money, I will buy you delicious food later.Hearing that there was delicious food, Xiao Xixi s eyes lit up What delicious food is there Sheng Jing There is a Crisp Fragrance Hall, which specializes in pastries of various colors, it is said that it is a craft handed down from the ancestors, the taste is quite good, I will bring you two boxes of desserts later.Xiao Xixi nodded vigorously Yes, yes Nie Changping opened I left happily.Xiao Xixi is full kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews of longing for Suxiangtang, and she is a little absent minded when playing chess.Soon she lost again.As the winner, Luo Qinghan didn t feel happy.Xiao Xixi asked Are you still coming Luo Qinghan said coldly No more.Chapter 187 Disobeying women Xiao Xixi now has a certain understanding of the prince, even if there is no change in his face, she can still be keenly aware of the change in his mood.Empress Qin s face was still indifferent The concubine pays homage to the emperor.There were many imperial kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news doctors watching, and the emperor s attitude was much gentler than in private for the sake of looking good.You don t need to be polite, the empress, why are you here Empress Qin The crown prince s illness has not been well, and my concubine was worried, so I came to have a look.I haven t recovered for half a month, and I m really worried.The emperor and empress chatted for a while as if no one was watching, and then entered the bedroom hand in hand.The prince dragged should you eat cbd gummies with food his sick body out of bed and saluted respectfully.The sons and ministers pay homage to the father and mother.The emperor said cbd gummy worms clarksville tn how much is cbd gummies 300 mg warmly, You are still sick, don t move around, go back to bed and lie down.Two young eunuchs stepped forward to help the prince to lie expected.None of the people present had heard of The Chronicle of the White Deer , and the three noble ladies racked their brains but failed to find any information about this book in their minds.The topic raised by the prince, no one can answer.The scene fell into where can i buy cbd gummies cbd gummy worms clarksville tn speechless embarrassment.Princess Hua an didn t know the reason.Seeing that Jing Shilan and Duan Yuwei couldn t answer, she secretly scolded the two of them for being too stupid.They couldn t take the opportunity when it was presented to them.It was really useless But no matter how useless they are, Princess Hua kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news An has to bring the atmosphere together, otherwise she won t be able to deal with kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news the emperor.It seems that Sanniang and Wuniang have never heard of this book, why don t you tell them the content of this book Both Jing Shilan and Duan Yuwei looked at the prince with shy and timid eyes.

Luo Qinghan was speechless.right.He didn t mean that at all He sighed Forget it, as long as you are happy.When Xiao Xixi walked out of the Mingguang Palace with Baoqin, the sun had already set and the sky was gradually darkening.Baoqin was very excited, and her little face was flushed.Originally, she just wanted to vent her anger, to let Concubine Bai and Liu Xu know that people in Qingge Palace are not easy to bully.Who would have expected that this trip not only slapped Side Concubine Bai and Liu Xu in the face, but also made Xiao Liangdi leap to become Side Concubine Xiao, and even the power of the Eastern Palace s internal affairs was stuffed into Side Concubine Xiao s hands.Such a generous return was simply beyond Bao Qin s imagination.She is still a little where can i buy cbd gummies cbd gummy worms clarksville tn kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news dizzy up to now, her figure seems to be stepping on a cloud, and she feels unreal as if she is in a dream.Chen Liangyuan was very curious What did Side Concubine Xiao do to make Sister Bai kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news mad Liu Xu got angry when she remembered what happened yesterday, but she didn t want to tell outsiders about these things, lest they be seen as a joke.She scolded angrily Xiao Fangfei is a scheming bitch, she pretends to be cute and innocent on the surface, but her thoughts are deeper than anyone else s.Be careful, my lord, and don t fall into her ways Chen Liangyuan secretly Pouting, isn t your side concubine Bai just such a scheming bitch She pretended to agree with her face Yes, Concubine Xiao is very scheming.I have Division of Camiguin kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news been fooled by her before, and we all have to be more careful with her.At this moment, a crisp voice suddenly sounded.Who do you think is scheming Of course it is Concubine Xiao As soon as the words came out, Chen Liangyuan felt that something was wrong.Before Concubine Xiao came out, Concubine Bai was the most scheming woman in the Eastern Palace, you must not underestimate her methods just because of her weak appearance.As for Concubine Xiao, this person is more powerful than her.Concubine Bai s scheming is even deeper, so try not to provoke her if you can.Qin Xiya listened carefully and took these words into her heart.Although she kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news has not met Concubine Bai and Concubine Xiao, she already regards these two women as important enemies in her heart.Now that the positions of the four concubines have been filled, if Qin Xiya wants to take the position, she has to squeeze out one of the four.As the saying goes, knowing yourself and the enemy is the only way to win a hundred battles.Before making a move, the first thing she needs to do is to collect good information, find out the details of the opponent, and then carry out precise strikes.Baoqin went to prepare food for her.Concubine Jing made a timely farewell.Immediately afterwards, Duan Liangdi also said that she should go back.Xiao Xixi didn t want to keep her, and said with a smile that she would leave rather than see her off.As soon as he left Qingge Hall, Duan Liangdi couldn t help it anymore, and complained angrily.It s just a gold step, what s there to show off Look at her smug face, it s as if we ve never seen such a good thing.I brought a lot of jewelry from home.Among them There are a lot of them that are more valuable than her golden step, and I haven t seen me show them off to others Concubine Jing comforted, She is the daughter of a military commander, so her self cultivation is naturally poor, so let s be more tolerant.That s fine.Duan Liangdi snorted, Why should I tolerate her I m not her mother Concubine Jing shook her head, with a helpless look on her face.Go back to Linde Hall.Here.The prince drove back to Linde Hall kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews soon.Luo Qinghan took off his clothes, sank into the bathtub, and the hot water slowly covered his head.The incense he smelled in Xiyun Palace just now contained aphrodisiac herbs.This method is very common in the harem.The effect of this kind of incense is not as strong as that of love medicine, and it will not hurt the body.It is more for fun.Many concubines in the palace will use this kind of incense when they serve the emperor.Luo Qinghan grew up in a deep palace, and is very familiar with the smell of this kind of incense.As soon as he entered Xiyun Palace, he smelled this familiar smell.The smell made him sick to his stomach.He soaked in the bath soup for a long time, until he almost suffocated before he surfaced.Panting heavily, his chest heaved violently.His Royal Highness is just young, and after smelling the incense, he will definitely have a reaction.The prince must be summoned temporarily to get rid of the fire.Duan Liangdi served the bed, otherwise, with the prince s indifferent temperament, why would he suddenly call someone to serve the bed in the middle of the night Such a hasty appearance is obviously improvised.Hearing Nanny Sun s analysis, Qin Xiya gradually calmed down.It seems that Duan Liangdi took advantage of it to get her favor.Thinking of this, Qin Xiya sneered coldly Duan Liangdi s luck is really good, but I don t know how long her good luck will last Inside Qingge Hall.Xiao Xixi is having breakfast.Baoqin reminded Mother, His Highness the Crown Prince hasn t come to our Qingge Hall for several days.Would you like to go and see His Highness if.

Shang Kui didn t know how to explain kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news this matter, so he could only say dryly.Probably because we had better luck, so we checked more carefully.Mei Guangtao So I couldn t find any clues, is it because my luck is too bad and I didn t do things carefully Thinking about it this way, I suddenly wanted to shut myself up.Luo Qinghan said You should inform Dong Shangshu as soon as possible, let his family members come over quickly, and also invite a doctor for Mrs.Lin.Mei Guangtao immediately started to do it.Mrs.Lin was placed in the guest room, and soon Dong Mingchun hurried over with her two sons.Under the doctor s treatment, Lin soon woke up.The doctor told Dong s family that Mrs.Lin fell kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news into a coma because she was drugged.There was not much damage to her body, and she could fully recover as long as she took a good rest for a period of time.Since it is the Mid Autumn Festival, crabs and sweet scented osmanthus must be on the kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news table.The crabs that were tributed to the palace were all big and fat, just looking at them made people s index fingers move.Eight pieces of crabs were placed on the table.The concubines from aristocratic families were familiar with this set.They picked up tools and began to shell the crabs skillfully.Only Xiao purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Xixi ignored those things.She directly picked up a big crab, broke it open with her bare hands, and ate all the crab roe inside in one go.The side concubine Jing who was next to her was stunned.How can anyone eat crabs like this This is too indecent After Xiao Xixi finished eating the crab roe, she began to bite the crab s pincers and legs.After biting through the shell, she sucked out the crab meat inside.A letter Then how do you explain this letter Concubine Li hurriedly took the letter and opened it for inspection.There were only a few words in the letter, which probably meant to let Jixiang get rid of Concubine Xiao quietly.Luo Qinghan This letter was found how do cbd gummies make you feel from Jixiang s body.Is this your handwriting Concubine Li is going crazy Although cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news this is my handwriting, I have never written this letter I was framed cbd gummies by live green hemp reviews by someone If I want to make Ji Xiang harm someone, how can I return it to him Write a handwritten letter Isn t this a proof for people to arrest Luo Qinghan Then how do you explain this letter Maybe someone imitated my concubine s handwriting, said Concubine Li, her heart moved , It s Qin Liangdi She is very good at imitating handwriting, and she helped me copy scriptures before, and the words she wrote are exactly the same as my own Luo Qinghan narrowed kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news his eyes slightly I asked you to copy scriptures, how dare you cheat Only then did Concubine Li realize that she had accidentally slipped her mouth.Compared with a cold and ruthless prince, it is natural that this somewhat weak but loving and filial prince in front of him is more reassuring.The emperor sighed helplessly.Forget it, I kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news also know that this matter is very embarrassing for you.You are the crown prince I appointed myself, so I will be a villain for you.I will make people draw up an order to demote Qin Shiniang to Fengyi and move to Leng Xianglou, you are not allowed to go out without orders.Luo Qinghan raised his head, his eyes were slightly reddened Father is the one who loves and protects my son, I am ashamed of receiving it The emperor patted him on the shoulder My own son Father and son, what is there to be ashamed of You go back and be your prince safely, and don t worry about other things.I obey.When the prince left the imperial study and sat in the chariot , the shame and sadness on his face had completely disappeared.You have You pinched you just now Luo Qinghan Do you have evidence Xiao Xixi Ju, you were turned against the general She pursed her lips and said aggrievedly Your Highness is still playing tricks.Luo Qinghan I learned this from you.Xiao Xixi Your Highness, why don t you learn something better What s so good about you A place worth studying alone That s a lot For example, my concubine can eat very well She can also sleep very well Luo Qinghan Aren t you just delicious and lazy Xiao Xixi glared at him angrily.Luo Qinghan continued Why don t you talk anymore Do you have nothing to say Xiao Xixi squatted down directly, laying on the ground, refusing to leave.Luo Qinghan wanted to pull her up.Xiao Xixi said shamelessly I m angry, and I need His Highness to coax me to get up.Luo Qinghan lost his temper by her coquettish operations.Wu Zuo performed an autopsy on Niu Hong and determined that he died of drowning.Others testified that they saw Niu Hong drinking before his death.Dong Mingchun said Niu Hong really likes to drink a few cups, but he has always been more restrained in dealing with others, even if he drinks, he has never been drunk.Luo Qinghan put down the file You suspect that there is something wrong with Niu Hong s death Wei Chen does havethis doubt.If Dong Mingchun hadn t received the letter from Niu Hong, maybe Dong Mingchun wouldn t have much doubt about Niu Hong s death.After all, there are many accidents in this world.Who can guarantee that Niu Hong will never get drunk in his life Not long after Niu Hong sent the letter, he died suddenly.Thinking of the cause and effect, Dong Mingchun felt that something was wrong.

Luo Qinghan Go back, take this incident as a lesson for you, and don t eat what others give you at will in the future.Chen Liangyuan wanted to say something more, but Eunuch Chang had already stepped forward , politely asked her to leave.She didn t dare to make trouble in front of the prince, so she could only leave in a daze.Baoqin heard that the prince summoned Chen Liangyuan to sleep last night, and rewarded her with a large box of good things this morning, which made Baoqin feel very uneasy, for fear that Chen Liangyuan would take away the favor of the prince.But now it seems that the prince doesn t seem to care much about Chen Liangyuan.In this way, Baoqin felt relieved.Bao Qin put two bowls of Shuangpi Nai on the table, which she made with the fresh milk she delivered this morning, and covered with a thick layer of red honey beans.She noticed the strangeness of Wu Yao and Lu Tianyi, and asked curiously What s the matter with you two Why do you look so ugly Lu Tianyi asked cautiously How is your relationship with your sister Xiao Zhilan It s okay.Then can you help us intercede with your sister Xiao Zhilan immediately became vigilant What kind of love What bad things have you done Before Lu Tianyi could speak again, Xiao Qiming spoke first.Sister, don t pay attention to them, they are doing it for themselves.Xiao Zhilan responded obediently, Oh.Lu Tianyi and Wu Yao looked at Xiao Qiming with sad and angry eyes.Are you still a brother after all It s fine if you don t save yourself, and don t ask your sister to help us Xiao Qiming sneered and sent them two words, You deserve it In another private room.Xiao Xixi is eating food.If this continues, if she quits her job as a concubine in the future, she can still work as a nun part time.In this way, she has another is cbd oil or cbd gummies more potent way to make a living.The carriage cbd gummies factory returned to Panyun City.Xiao Xixi raised the curtains of the car and looked out, and saw many shops along the street, including many food stalls.She smelled the smell of food, and immediately shouted Stop the car I m going to buy food Luo Qinghan frowned Whatever you want to eat, just go back and let the imperial chef cook it.The food outside is not kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news clean.Xiao Xixi hugged She touched his arm and begged coquettishly It s rare for me to come to Panyun City, so I just want to eat some local specialties.You can eat the meals made by the imperial chef at any time, but the special dishes here are not always available.If you get it, let me have a taste of it.He remembered the prince s instructions, and didn t ask anything, as if nothing happened, kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews he should eat and drink, and at the same time, he secretly raised his vigilance to prevent being tricked again.He deliberately ran to King Chen Liu and told his father that he was sent by the prince to supervise the construction of the mausoleum.King Chen Liu was quite surprised by this.When did you get so close to the prince Qiu Sheng replied truthfully I dared to tell you the truth about Rong Ji because of the prince s suggestion before.I want to help him with something.At this point, he looked at his father with some apprehension, for fear that his father would show his objection.King Chen Liu said with emotion It s good for you to do this.Instead of focusing on internal struggles, it s better to take a long term view.They turned their heads to look at Xiao Lingfeng who was following behind.Xiao Lingfeng immediately said Don t ask me, if you ask, you don t know There was no other way, they took the little tortoise to the stall owner who sold the tortoise, and asked the stall owner how to raise the tortoise.The stall owner did not hide his secrets and told them everything he knew.Xiao Xixi forgot it after listening to it, but fortunately, there is still a prince who has an unforgettable memory, and he has already memorized everything the stall owner said.The two of them were about to get some food for Xiaoxi when they met a Yu Linwei on the way.As soon as Yu Linwei saw the prince, he knelt down and said excitedly.Your Highness, something is wrong Chapter 372 The scapegoat Yu Linwei told the whole process of kidnapping the eldest prince from the beginning to the end.But she dared not say that.She looked away guiltily I m idle and bored, I went out to buy some food and things, and I spent all the money you gave me.Luo Qinghan Really Nodded Yes, yes Shenbao County has a lot of delicious food.I couldn t hold back all of a sudden, so I ate a lot and spent all my money.Luo Qinghan responded lightly Oh, that s right.It seems that he has to get someone to investigate and see what Xiao Xixi has been doing behind his back Xiao purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Xixi was afraid that he would continue to question, so she hurriedly used the method of changing the cbd gummy worms clarksville tn how much is cbd gummies 300 mg topic.What s going on at the Chenliu Prince s Mansion I heard that Qiu Yuan is dead, how did he die Luo Qinghan briefly recounted how Qiu Yuan rebelled and was killed by his own brother.After Xiao Xixi listened to it, she felt emotional This is really tit for tat Luo Qinghan King Chen Liu will be mourned tomorrow, do you want to go to smile cbd gummies the palace to have a funeral today Xiao Xixi Nod your head and say yes.

Xiao Xixi looked innocent Why are you robbing other people s books, Your Highness Luo Qinghan shook the Female cbd gummies whoopi Virtue in his hand in front of her When did you start reading this kind of book Xiao Xixi She shyly said Recently, I feel that I still have a lot of things that I don t do well enough.Others say that women should read more Female Virtue , so I want to study it carefully and see if I can learn something from it.Then what have you learned Xiao Xixi I am still studying, and I will share the results with you kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news after I finish my studies.Luo Qinghan casually threw Female Virtue on the ground This is not a good thing.Books, you should read less.Xiao Xixi was quite surprised, she thought that men like women with three obediences and four virtues, but she didn t expect the prince to say such a thing.She turned her head and glared fiercely at the closed door, then walked angrily towards the stove room.The teacher and the other nuns were busy working in the kitchen, and when they saw the little nun coming, they all froze.The teacher asked How is the matter going Did the eldest prince kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news take the bait The little nun forcefully put the rice bowl on the stove, and said bitterly That man is a worthless man He only has food in his eyes, it s a waste I threw so many winks at him, but in the end I threw them all at the blind man, I was so mad The teacher obviously didn t expect such a result.She asked in surprise How did this happen Just now, seeing the way synerva cbd gummies the eldest prince behaved, he was obviously interested in you.Why did he change his mind in just a blink of an eye Could it be that he discovered your clues Hearing what she said, the little nun hesitated again No way I behaved very well, he shouldn dr kratom cbd gummy t be able to see it.Get the business done first, and if you continue to quarrel, those people outside should wake up.Ling er had no choice but to let go of her hands reluctantly, and still gave Luo Yechen a vicious look, and cursed in a low voice You wait for me, wait and see how I kill you Luo Yechen scolded angrily I should have said this to you, you wait for my prince, I will be killed later You nuns, set fire to your nunnery again, so that you will not be able to live in peace if you die The teacher did not talk nonsense to him, and directly pulled out the dagger hidden in her sleeve.She pressed the blade against Luo Yechen s cheek, and sneered.Prince, you are now in our hands.You d better think about it before you speak.Don t say anything.Be careful to kill yourself.Feeling the coldness from the blade, Luo Ye Chen shuddered.Seeing his belt being taken away, he really wanted to stop it, but he was too weak to resist, so he could only watch helplessly as his belt was reduced to a binding rope.Luo Qinghan went out and went around to make sure that there were no other nuns in the nunnery.When he walked out of the nunnery, he saw Zhao Xian, Xiao Lingfeng, and the Yulin army were all unconscious.It appears that they all ate a drugged meal.Luo Qinghan woke up Zhao Xian and Xiao Lingfeng.The two reacted quickly, and kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news they knew that they had been set by someone as soon as they woke up.They immediately knelt down and admitted their mistakes.The last general was negligent, and he was plotted by the villain.Please punish him, Your Highness the Crown Prince kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Luo Qing coldly said We will talk about the punishment later, you wake everyone up first, the people who gave you the medicine are those nuns.It turned out that it wasn t that she was dissatisfied with her desires, but that a certain man called out to stop the thief.When Xiao Xixi thought that she had been wronged and didn t know it, and even felt Division of Camiguin kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news ashamed for being suspicious, she became very angry.Even a salted fish has her unique temper Xiao Xixi refused to expose the matter so easily.She leaned over, stared into the prince s eyes and asked.Did you just want to take advantage of the concubine s sleep and hug the concubine to lean against you, and then lied that the concubine leaned on you in a daze Luo Qinghan looked down at the book, pretending that he didn kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news t hear anything, and didn t answer.Xiao Xixi put her head directly in front of him, blocking his sight of reading.Your Highness, please answer my concubine s question directly.Xiao Xixi lay back and closed her eyes again.At this time, she heard the prince say something in a low voice.You are not an orphan, you are still an orphan.Xiao Xixi responded casually, Do you mean to be my father As soon as the words came out, the car fell into dead silence instantly.Xiao Xixi belatedly realized what she had just said, and immediately felt the urge to slap herself.Why does she dare to talk bald outside She opened her eyes cautiously, just in time to see the prince staring at her expressionlessly.It was a stare full of death.Xiao Xixi only felt a chill down her back and no sleepiness at all.Luo Qinghan smiled coldly Gu didn t expect that you regarded Gu as a father.Xiao Xixi hastily denied I m not, I don t, don t talk nonsense Luo Qinghan pinched her face and squeezed her little cheek All pinched and deformed.

The one who came outside is the King of Xiling.Luo Yechen was immediately attracted by this topic.He was very curious in his heart, and he still had the airs of an eldest prince on his face, asking domineeringly.How do you know it s the King of Xiling Do you know him Xiao Xixi sat down at the table, picked up the cakes on the table, and said while eating I don t know him, but the prince You know him.Luo Yechen was annoyed by her familiarity.Who told you to sit down Who allowed you to eat You put down the pastry for me Xiao Xixi Don t be angry, I don t eat your food for nothing, I can tell your fortune for you, that s all The reward for the pastry.Luo Yechen felt disdainful How can you still tell your fortune like this It s almost the same as cheating and abduction Xiao Xixi said slowly There is a faint red between your eyebrows, it seems that the red luan is moving, There will be a peach blossom soon.Xiao Xixi was puzzled I I don t know them well, so why did they suddenly get together and invite me to drink tea Baoqin Probably to ask you about the crown prince, you and the kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news crown prince went to Chenliu County for half a year, those concubines took so long I haven t seen the prince, so I must miss him very much.Xiao Xixi felt baffled Since they miss the prince, they should go to the prince directly, why are you looking for me Because they can t see the prince, they can only retreat.The next best thing is to come to you.Baoqin helped Concubine Xiao manage the internal affairs of the Eastern Palace, and she took the opportunity to cultivate some eyes and ears, so she naturally understood what happened in the Eastern Palace.She told all about the fact that all the concubines went to Mingguang Palace yesterday to see the prince but failed, and that Chen Liangyuan tried to stop the prince s car driving in the middle of the road last night.Luo Qinghan raised his foot and walked towards Xiao Xixi.There was still no expression on his face, but Xiao Xixi had a bad feeling.She stepped back subconsciously, but accidentally bumped into the low table behind her, and her body fell backwards.At the critical moment, the prince put his arm around her waist and forcibly pulled her into his arms.Luo Qinghan lowered his head and approached her, and asked in her ear.How do you want Gu to take you away Xiao Xixi felt her ears were itchy, but she couldn t move when she wanted to hide, so she could only say cautiously I just said nonsense, Your Highness, don t cbd gummy worms clarksville tn how much is cbd gummies 300 mg take it seriously.It s too late , Gu already took it seriously.As soon as Luo Qinghan finished speaking, he opened his mouth and bit her earlobe.The teeth kept grinding the earlobe, biting the small earring until it was bloodshot and red, turning it into a vermilion like red agate.Luo Qinghan remained silent.Who is Yao Zhaoxun Is there such a person in the East Palace Xiao Xixi asked cautiously Xiao Xixi hesitated My concubine is a bone Luo Qinghan You have such a big bone, who can take it away Xiao Xixi blurted out You.Luo Qinghan Bao Qin She wished she could rush up and cover Concubine Xiao s mouth.Look what you re talking about What meat and bones does the prince hold He is not a dog Chapter 438 Jealousy waits for everyone in the house to retreat.Luo Qinghan raised his foot and walked towards Xiao Xixi.There was still no expression on his face, but Xiao Xixi had a bad feeling.She stepped back subconsciously, but accidentally bumped into the low table behind her, and her body fell backwards.At the critical moment, the prince put his arm around her waist and forcibly pulled her into his arms.It s too late , Gu already took it seriously.As soon as Luo Qinghan finished speaking, he opened his mouth and bit her earlobe.The teeth kept grinding the earlobe, biting the small earring until it was bloodshot and red, turning it into a vermilion like red agate.How could Xiao Xixi stand this kind of stimulation Immediately, I felt a little dizzy and my legs were weak.She hurriedly begged for mercy I was wrong I don t are cbd gummies good for depression dare to talk nonsense anymore Please let me go Luo Qinghan let go of her earlobe, and finally couldn t help sticking out the tip of her tongue, and licked it lightly.He looked at the earlobe that had been discolored by his tossing, and still felt dissatisfied in his heart.His eyes moved down along the earlobe, and stayed on her snow white and slender neck.Xiao Xixi sensed the danger in his sight, and was afraid that he would bite again, so she hurriedly changed the subject.Xiao Xixi It s better for you not to listen to such rumors.If you are really bored, you can hang out with people.Going shopping and playing cards.Xue was puzzled Playing cards Oh, I forgot, you don t cbd gummy worms clarksville tn where can i get cbd gummy in las vegas know how to play cards.Xue was at a loss and wanted to know what card playing was, but because the two parties were not familiar with each other , sorry to ask in the end.After sending Xue Shi and Xiao Zhilan away, Xiao Xixi turned to ask Baoqin.Is there a carpenter in the cbd gummy worms clarksville tn how much is cbd gummies 300 mg palace I want to make something small.Baoqin nodded Yes, what do you want to make Xiao Xixi Mahjong.She stayed in the palace all day, eating and sleeping , and occasionally a little entertainment is needed.Before, she could entertain herself by reading the storybook, but now she can t read the storybook, she has to find some other fun.

Recreational activities such as mahjong and poker are very good.You only need to sit and play, which is very suitable for a salty fish like her who is too lazy to move.Baoqin looked blank What is mahjong She only knows sesame paste, but she has never heard of mahjong.Xiao Xixi explained to her how to play Mahjong in detail.Baoqin s curiosity was immediately aroused.Mother, is this mahjong difficult to do The shape of mahjong is very simple, just small squares one by one.The point is to draw the whole set of mahjong patterns, which is a bit time consuming.After she finished drawing, she handed over the drawings to Bao Qin.Baoqin went out with the drawings Luo Yechen managed to get Xie Chuxue s birth date.Early this morning, he ran to Sanqing Temple and asked Xuan Yidao to help him combine the horoscopes.The Queen Mother expressed support for this marriage.How The King of Xiling wondered Of course I really hope that you can get closer to Chuxue, but Chuxue looks weak, but actually has her own opinions inside.I think we should ask her about this matter.What do you think Luo Yechen hurriedly said Then quickly invite Miss Xie out and ask her what she means.The King of Xiling did not expect this person to be so impatient, he hesitated kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news before saying After all, Chuxue is A girl who hasn t left the cabinet, it s not appropriate to ask her to come out to meet guests rashly, right Luo Yechen refused to give up Don t worry, Uncle Huang, all of you here are from your own family, and we ve all met each other before, so there s nothing to avoid Yes.Speaking of this, the King of Xiling couldn t refuse any longer, so he could only reluctantly say it.For details of the activity, you can read Chapter 451 in the book review area.Don .

can dogs have cbd gummy bears?

t go too far Luo Qinghan looked at the woman beside him, and asked What is he talking about Xiao Xixi also looked blank I don t know.Luo Yechen was dissatisfied I said it s already time, you two You don t have to play dumb, right I was in Canglan Garden just now, but I saw everything Luo Qinghan What did you see Luo Yechen was annoyed by his attitude You should ask Concubine Xiao, she knows what she did Xiao Xixi was very innocent I didn t do anything Seeing that she refused to admit it, Luo Yechen became even more angry.Now he couldn t care less about losing face, so he just tore through the paper on the window.If you didn t do anything, why would you stay alone with Fang Guanshi Xiao Xixi explained I just chatted with him.She must have malicious intentions in sending you an invitation.Xiao Xixi You think too much, Xie Chuxue didn t mean to snatch the prince from me, she fell in love with the second prince.Baoqin was startled Why did you pull out another second prince Didn t I hear that she was with the prince Is the King of England getting closer Xiao Xixi Your news is too late, the King of England is in the past tense, and now the second prince is the progress of Xie Chuxue.Bao Qin admired deeply This thank you The girl is really a character, first she went on a blind date with the prince, then she got involved with the king of England, and now she is hooked up with the second prince, she is not just two boats, she is a chain boat Chapter 455 You guys Is it really thanks to Chuxue for not marrying Facts have proved that not everyone can support such things as chain boats.Why don t the slaves make them into cherry sauce This way they can be kept for a longer time.Queen Qin It s up to you.Seeing that she really doesn t care, Pearl just Can silently shut up, no more words.In Changle Palace.The queen mother was very happy to receive the cherries sent by the prince, and said to the female officer beside her with a smile.The prince doesn t like to talk, but he s actually very filial.He never forgets to send cherries to Ai s house every year.Although the things are ordinary, it s because of his kindness.The female officer responded His Royal Highness is indeed very filial, and if there is something good, he will send it to you as soon as possible.Look at these cherries, they are carefully selected, bright red, and you cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news are delighted to look at them Fresh fruit can t be kept for too long, and the queen mother certainly can t eat so much by herself.Duan Liangdi s eyes were red.Already crying.These people really look down on her She shouldn t be here Xiao Xixi continued slowly But I don t think you need to say that about Duan Liangdi, at least she has been favored by the crown prince for a while.Concubine Li, who had never been favored by the crown prince Xiao Xixi Look at her elder sister Bai, how calm she is, she doesn t care about being favored or not.The side concubine Bai who actually cares very much in her heart Xiao Xixi Actually, being favored is not worth it.I m happy, after all, it s tiring to serve the prince.Duan Liangdi, who dreamed of serving the prince, said Xiao Xixi What are you doing looking at me Don t you want to eat cherries too The prince sent a lot of cherries Give it to me, it s delicious, do you want to try it Concubine Li slapped a mahjong on the table forcefully, and said coldly, I hate cherries She would rather starve to death than eat this cheap food Concubine Bai pursed her lips and smiled, and said softly I have a stomach problem recently, so I can t eat carelessly.

Zhao Xian asked tentatively What about her Where did the poison come from Luo Qinghan Naturally, the murderer deliberately hid can cbd gummies affect blood pressure it in the Qingge Hall, and the murderer wanted to use this to plant her.Fortunately, she discovered it in advance, so he escaped.Zhao Xian felt This is too much of a coincidence.He still felt that Concubine Xiao was very suspicious.If it were him who presided over the case, he would definitely focus the investigation on Concubine Xiao.But the crown prince kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews trusted side concubine Xiao very much, and he had no intention of investigating her at all.Zhao Xian could only suppress the doubts in his heart and obey the crown prince s arrangement honestly.Luo Qinghan Clean the colorful clouds, bring them to Qingge Hall, and show them to Concubine Xiao.Zhao Xian didn t understand the purpose of doing this, but he wisely didn t ask any further questions, and answered with cupped hands Here.Xiao Xixi ate it without hesitation, but was stuck by the fishbone and coughed frantically.Luo Qinghan paused, immediately put down the bowl and chopsticks, and patted her on the back.When he used to eat fish, someone would shave off the fishbone first.He never cared about the fishbone himself, and this was the first time he was feeding someone.As a novice on the road, he inevitably Overturned.Eunuch Chang and Bao Qin, who were waiting outside the door, heard the movement and ran in immediately.Knowing that side concubine Xiao was stuck by a fishbone, they hurriedly sent for the imperial physician.Xiao Xixi quickly waved her hand, saying that there is no need to ask the imperial physician.She secretly used her internal strength to push the fishbone out of her throat.The moment the fishbone was spat out, cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief.When the prince came, she happily got into the carriage and left the palace with the prince.Luo Qinghan said I have to go to the Imperial Academy to do something when I wait.Do you go to the Imperial Academy with Gu, or wait outside have no interest.She said very consciously My concubine is waiting for you outside.There are many bookstores and teahouses near the Imperial Academy, and there is a bookish atmosphere everywhere.After the carriage stopped, the prince took Xiao Xixi into a teahouse.The prince chose a private seat by the window, and he warned Stay here, don t run around, and purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news come out to find you when you re done alone.Xiao Xixi nodded obediently and said yes.In order to prevent her from causing trouble, Luo Qinghan deliberately left Zhao Xian here and asked him to help keep an eye on her.Luo Qinghan asked Have you ever opened that Book of Changes Xiao Qiming shook his head The shopkeeper took that Book of Changes and shook it in front of me, then quickly put it away, don t He told me to look through it, and didn t even let me touch it, so I m so stingy.It was precisely because of this that he felt that the other party was bragging.But looking at it now, it seems that there is purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news really something famous in that Book of Changes.Xiao Qiming was suddenly a little annoyed.If he had known this, he should have bought that Book of Changes.Luo Qinghan Do you still remember the address of that bookstore Xiao Qiming nodded and said yes.Luo Qinghan glanced at Xiao Lingfeng.Xiao Ling agreed, and immediately said I will take someone to search that bookstore.Luo Qinghan By the way, you take Li Qingyan back, and let cbd gummy bear uk him live in your house for the time being, don t let him be I m silenced.It took him a long time to hold back a word.I m just full, can I just meddle in my own business Luo Qinghan Thank you for your concern, I ll be responsible.After saying this, he left without looking back.Luo Yechen rolled his eyes in anger.who I don t know what is good or bad, he deserves to be targeted Luo Yechen turned his head and saw Luo Yunxuan who was not far away with a proud face, he gave a savage mouthful, hypocrite East Palace, Mingguang Palace.Xiao Lingfeng came with Li Qingyan.Luo Qinghan asked Xiao Lingfeng and others to withdraw.Only Luo Qinghan and Li Qingyan were left in the study.Luo Qinghan sat behind the table and said calmly Sit down and chat.Li Qingyan thanked her, and carefully knelt and sat three steps away.Luo Qinghan You are a smart person.You don t need to say many things directly.When the shopkeeper saw the contents of the confession, his eyes were full of panic, as if what he saw was not a confession, but a man eating beast.He refused to sign and pledge, and shouted at the top of his voice that he was wronged Dong Mingchun asked someone to hold down the shopkeeper, grabbed his hand, and forced him to press a bright red handprint on the confession.After pressing the fingerprints, the shopkeeper s emotions completely collapsed, and he burst into tears on the spot.You guys are trying to force me to death Dong Mingchun accepted the confession, quite satisfied in his heart, glanced at the shopkeeper who was kneeling on the ground crying, smiled slightly, and his tone was unexpectedly kind.Let s go, I ll send you out.At his signal, the jailer untied the rope from the shopkeeper and helped him up.

On the first day of the examination, when the examinees entered the Tribute Academy, they had already undergone a rigorous search and inspection.It stands to reason that there should be no candidates with answers mixed in.Luo Qinghan didn t ask how those examinees got through the inspection and entered the Tribute Court.He put his sword into its sheath and said calmly.Bring the answers they purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news carried.The candidates carried the answers in a variety of ways.Some people carved words on the rice grains, some stuffed papers into the pen holders, and some stuffed papers into the interlayer of insoles Zhao Xian wrote all the answers.Gather them up what mg to to take of cbd gummies and hand them over to the prince.Luo Qinghan checked the past one by one, and found that the contents of these answers were similar.He looked at Luo Yunxuan who was standing beside him, and asked coldly.Luo Qinghan led Xiao Xixi back to the bedroom.The two were lying on the bed, but neither felt sleepy.Xiao Xixi leaned against Luo Qinghan s arms, clutching the hem of his clothes with her small hands, still feeling a little scared in her heart.If she had been one step slower just now, he would have fallen into the pond.Luo Qinghan felt her uneasiness, whispered to her, and helped her divert her attention.Today the queen told Gu about Shen Zhaoyi.Xiao Xixi didn t speak, but her ears perked up quietly.Luo Qinghan The queen told Gu that Shen Zhaoyi did not die of illness, but was bestowed with a cup of poisoned wine by her father.The queen personally delivered the poisoned wine to Shen Zhaoyi, and watched Shen Zhaoyi die in pain with her own eyes.Xiao Xixi couldn t help it.He gripped his skirt tightly.Luo Yechen chased after her murderously Prince, if you protect her again today, don t blame me for disregarding brotherhood Luo Qing smiled coldly You have already sent someone to assassinate Gu, how can there be anything between you and me What brotherhood Luo Yechen He was like a rooster with its neck stuck, unable to make a sound, and his whole aura paused slightly.He is so sorry He shouldn t have sent someone to assassinate the prince on the spot.If he didn t send someone to assassinate the prince, the prince would not have caught those assassins.If the crown prince hadn t caught those assassins, he wouldn t have been reduced to the point of pleading guilty.If he hadn t gone to plead guilty, he wouldn t have been subject to the crown prince everywhere, and he wouldn t even have a chance to resist and struggle.Bu Shengyan avoided his hand first.She raised her eyebrows and said, So it was you who threw the fan.She looked Luo Yechen up and down, her expression becoming meaningful.I only know that girls like to throw things at Zhuangyuanlang, but I didn t expect that even a big man like you would like this.Your taste is quite unique.Luo Yechen was furious at what she said I didn t throw anything at Zhuangyuanlang, don t slander me, I have no interest in men at all None, what kind of man are you Luo Yechen couldn t stand being looked down upon.As soon as he heard this, he immediately exploded.Bu Shengyan, why do you say that about me Why do you have to admit to something I haven t done Bu Shengyan rubbed his ears, and said lazily, What are you doing so loudly I m afraid that someone will disrespect you.You make up your own mind about this matter.The prince actually handed over the decision to Xiao Xixi.This kind of equal treatment that only occurs between husband and wife made Concubine Jing and Concubine Bai feel a strong sense of imbalance in their hearts.Obviously everyone is a side concubine, so why is the prince so different from side concubine Xiao Is the crown prince really planning to make side concubine Xiao the crown princess Thinking of this, Concubine Jing and Concubine Bai looked at Concubine Xiao with even more unkind eyes.Xiao Xixi said without much hesitation The last Mid Autumn Festival banquet was all from my own family.It s okay for my concubine to go on stage to perform a show, just treat it as a colorful dress to entertain relatives, but this birthday banquet also invited many outsiders.It turns out that in the eyes of Sister Xiao, we are not even as good as the most humble actors.Xiao Xixi scratched her head, why did this matter get darker and darker Xiao Xixi said without much hesitation The last Mid Autumn Festival banquet was all from my own family.It s okay for my concubine to go on stage to perform a show, just treat it as a colorful dress to entertain relatives, but this birthday banquet also invited many outsiders.It s better for me not to show my face.Anyway, there are many musicians and dancers in the palace.It s enough to have them perform.If it doesn t work, I can go to the theater or juggling troupe outside the palace.There is no need for me to go with them Grab business.The speaker has no intention but the listener has the intention.Both Concubine Jing and Concubine Bai felt that Concubine Xiao s words were deliberately mocking them.

Concubine Li was stunned.Someone was cbd isolate gummy recipe performing a show on the stage, and there were bursts of applause.Concubine Jing and Concubine Bai were originally going to perform on stage, but because Concubine Xiao compared them to actors last time in front of the Crown Prince, they were embarrassed in front of the Crown Prince.In order not to let themselves be reduced to the point of competing with actors for jobs, Concubine Jing and Concubine Bai resigned Concubine Xian s invitation and did not perform at the birthday banquet.Facts have proved that their choice is correct.Today, apart from the low ranking concubines who were born as singing and dancing girls, only the dancing girls and musicians kept in the palace, and famous actors and actresses invited from outside the palace, performed on stage is it illegal to mail cbd gummies today.The shopkeeper wanted to help him sit down, but Division of Camiguin kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news he pushed him away.I don t need help, I can do it myself.Hou Dingyuan slowly bent down, put one hand on the table, and sat down slowly and steadily.The shopkeeper helped him put the crutches away, and then retreated purekana cbd gummies cost kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news tactfully.The door was gently closed.Only Marquis Dingyuan and Luo Yechen were left in the private room.According to the title, Luo Yechen s status is higher than that of Marquis Dingyuan, but Marquis Dingyuan is a bit older than him, and he is also Luo Yechen s future father in law.As a junior, Luo Yechen can only sit on his knees.Luo Yechen propped his hands on his knees and lowered his head, the embarrassment in his heart still hasn t passed.He wished he could turn back time and strangle kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news the nonsense self just now.Marquis Dingyuan was very calm.Xiao Xixi She looked at the prince resentfully.Didn t she just say that he was ugly last night Has he held grudges till now How narrow minded The narrow minded prince left the Qingge Hall refreshed, and took a chariot to the Yishi Hall.Today is the first day of the new year, and there must be a grand court meeting.All civil and military officials of the fourth rank and above in Beijing must participate.Many people have already arrived in the meeting hall, and they gathered in twos and threes to chat.The British King Luo Yechen didn t seem to be in a good mood today, with two huge dark circles hanging on his face.Luo Qinghan looked him up and down Did you become a thief last night Luo Yechen said listlessly I stayed up all night last night, thinking about my marriage with Bu Shengyan.Luo Qinghan Thinking What s the result Luo Yechen I just can t think of a result, so I can t sleep even more.Unexpectedly, someone still remembered this agreement.Pearl can t sleep tonight.She lay in bed with her eyes open kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news until dawn.When she was fully dressed and walked out of the room, looking at the gray sky outside, she wished that the piece of paper had never appeared last night.She walked towards the bedroom, and met many court ladies and eunuchs on the way, and they all saluted and greeted her.Normally, Pearl would return a smile, but today she couldn t smile at all.She has worked hard to get .

where to buy green lobster cbd gummies?

to where she is today, and she doesn t want to give up.She was unwilling to betray Queen Qin.In the dormitory, Empress Qin had already woken up, and another palace lady was helping her change her clothes.Pearl walked in and saluted the queen, her posture was standard without any flaws.Queen Qin not only has high demands on herself, but also has high demands on the people around her.Actually, Aijia called you here this time because there is something I want to ask you to help.Xiao Xixi hurriedly said You just give orders.The queen mother said slowly The Ai family intends to set up a charitable hall to help the poor people in the city, but the Ai family is old and has no energy to do these things.Chuxue was very interested in this matter, so Aijia wanted to leave it to her to take care of it.Chuxue is very smart and capable, but she is an kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news unmarried girl after all, and some things are inconvenient for her to do.She has just arrived in Shengjing, and she is not very familiar with it, so Aijia wants to find her a helper.Xiao Xixi had a bad premonition in her heart.The queen mother looked at Xie Chuxue with a smile.Xie Chuxue smiled slightly, stepped forward, and took Xiao Xixi s hand affectionately.Now the queen mother only needs to tell the minister what happened to Shen Zhaoyi back then.Empress Qin I have already said that she was bestowed to death by the emperor.What is the reason for death At this point, there is nothing to hide, and Empress Qin told the truth without hesitation.Because Shen Zhaoyi committed the crime of deceiving cbd sour gummy bear the emperor, she disobeyed women s morals, hooked up with foreign men, and insulted the royal reputation.Luo Qinghan asked quietly Who did she hook up with Empress Qin I didn t say who the emperor is, but I can probably guess that that person should be King Ping an.Luo Qinghan s pupils trembled slightly How is it possible Didn t King Ping an die long ago Queen Qin That s just a rumor.In fact, King Pingan is not dead.He escaped secretly during the siege, and the person who helped him escape was Shen Zhaoyi.

It s a pity that the workmanship of the door of this room is so good, the cracks in the door are tightly sealed, and it is impossible to see the scene inside the house at all.Xiao Xixi looked for a long time and saw nothing, very disappointed.she yelled into the house.Your Highness, it s time for lunch A moment later, Luo Qinghan opened the door.Xiao Xixi took the opportunity to probe into the room, but was blocked by Luo Qinghan s body.He pushed Xiao Xixi back, stepped over the threshold by himself, and closed the door with a tru value cbd gummies bang.Not to mention closing the door, he also locked the door.Xiao Xixi looked at the brass lock hanging on the door, scratching her heart and lungs with curiosity like a cat s paw.She asked eagerly What kind of treasure is your Highness hiding in the house Luo Qinghan said lightly You will know when the time comes.Although the quality of the jade pendant was not very good, Xiao Xixi never disliked it, she always wore it and never took it off.At this time, put it together with the kitten seal, not to mention the carving, but the texture of the jade itself, which is the difference between cloud and mud.The fat head fish pendant kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news is set off by the kitten seal.Luo Qinghan couldn t stand it anymore, and directly helped her take off the fat head fish pendant.When he gave her this thing back then, he didn t think too much about it, he just thought that the kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news style looked cute and cute, which was quite suitable for her, but now he felt that this thing was too inferior, not worthy of Xiao Xixi at all.His Xi Xi, set off the best in this world.Luo Qinghan wanted to throw the fat headed fish jade pendant away, but was stopped by Xiao Xixi.The eldest lady of Beihou Mansion is engaged, I will not get involved between you, I When she said this, she suddenly felt a little dizzy, and her body shook twice.Her expression became blurred.My lord, I m so dizzy.There was medicine in the food and drink just now.After she finished speaking, her body softened and she fell straight towards Luo Yechen.Luo Yechen instinctively reached out to support her.There was a loud shout at the door.What are you doing Luo Yechen froze.He thought it couldn t be such a coincidence, right He turned kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news his neck stiffly, followed the prestige, and saw Bu Shengyan standing at the door.She leaned on a cane in one hand, and was supported by a maidservant in the other.She glared at Luo Yechen and Xie Chuxue angrily, with murderous looks in her eyes, as kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news if the original partner had caught rape on the spot.There were so many people on the other side, Luo Yechen and Bu Shengyan didn t dare to confront each other head on, so they could only find a place to hide first.After the rebels left, the two hurried to Yaohua Palace.Along the way, they found that the number tart cherry cbd gummies of rebels was very large, more than the number of Janissaries.Judging by the rampant posture of those rebels, the Imperial Guard must have been destroyed.Luo Yechen and Bu Shengyan carefully avoided those rebels and hurried kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news all the way, but they were still one step too late.The rebels have already rushed into Yaohua Palace.Chapter 614 Bing Fu Yaohua Palace The maids and eunuchs are running to death.When Luo Yechen saw this scene, his heart sank to the bottom of the valley.While calling for his concubine mother, he speeded up and ran towards the main hall.Luo Yechen made up the knife in the back, and occasionally acted as a human shield.Relying on the tacit cooperation, the three barely survived the siege of the rebels.The rebels found that they couldn t fight in melee, and turned to launch long range attack skills.Among the rebels were archers.They took out the bows and arrows they carried with them and aimed at the three men.Seeing that the situation was not good, Luo Yechen pulled Bu Shengyan into his arms and hugged him tightly.Gan Fu, who had no one to protect him, could only pull up a dead body on the ground and block it in front of him.Arrows rained down.Luo Yechen tightly held Bu Shengyan in his arms.Even though he was protected by the golden silk soft armor, he was unfortunately hit.Bu Shengyan felt his body tremble, and hurriedly asked, Where did you get hurt Luo Yechen gritted his teeth.No matter what she does, her family is always her first priority.In order to make the Qin family develop better, she tried her best to fight for the interests of the Qin family, even if she offended the emperor for this.She is a victim of the Qin family kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews s political struggle, but she has no way to resent the cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Qin family.After all, the Qin family was the place where she was born and raised.Everyone in the Qin family treated her very well, and she was willing to sacrifice for it.King Xiling held her hand tightly and would not let go.Since the Qin family is doomed to be destroyed, why can t you give kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news yourself a chance to start over Don t you want to live for yourself Empress Qin burst into tears If I leave, there will be more than three hundred members of the Qin family.What to do If no one protects them, they will definitely be killed by the emperor in a fit of anger, I can t just watch the Qin family be wiped out.

Luo Qinghan I want to know her experience in the past year.Fang Wujiu Your Majesty, why don t you just ask her Luo Qinghan She always reports good news and not bad news.Good or bad.Fang Wujiu Then let me start when she left Shengjing In the past, Luo Qinghan would not return to Weiyang Palace until after noon, but today it is not yet noon , he has already kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news returned to Weiyang Palace.Luo Qinghan What is the noble concubine doing Mo Hua replied truthfully The empress is resting in the room.She paused and added Just now the Concubine Shi who is next to the empress dowager came.Luo Qinghan She came What are you doing Mo Hua It is said that she came to visit the imperial concubine on behalf of the Empress Dowager, when she left, she didn t look very well.Luo Qinghan knew it well, and waved his hand to signal Mo Hua to step back.Xiao Xixi nodded earnestly in appreciation Your metaphor is very appropriate.Yu Jiu The connotation was taken away .

are cbd gummies available in australia?

suddenly.Yu Jiu pulled the corner of his mouth and sneered.Even if your father doesn t love your mother, high milligram cbd gummies there are still so many people who are willing to treat you like a baby.Xiao Xixi was not ignored by his words, and then asked cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Didn t you think of going to find your parents and family Yu Jiu seemed to have heard some funny joke, and laughed outright.Haha, the imperial concubine said it lightly, I don t even know who my parents are, how can I find them Taking a step back, what if I found them Can they turn all my experience of the past twenty years into a blank Xiao Xixi They can t erase your past, but they can give you a better future.Yu Jiu pursed her lips and sneered What future can a wild dog have Chapter 1058 He really deserves a beating In the next hour, Xiao Xixi crazily poured chicken soup on Yu Jiu to let him understand what kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news it means to change fate with knowledge The more you listen, the more weird your expression becomes.Are you worried about your majesty the emperor Xiao Xixi pursed her kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news lower lip It s none of your business.Yu Jiu It s really none of my business, I just want to remind you that you are now It is difficult for the mud bodhisattva to cross the river, so instead of worrying about others, it is better to worry about yourself.Xiao Xixi Does your family live by the sea It s so wide.Chapter 1066 Stopped ten times on purpose.After a few days of early morning, today finally started again.The courtiers gathered neatly in the meeting hall.When they saw the emperor walking out slowly, they all knelt down to salute.My minister Division of Camiguin kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news pays homage to the emperor Long live the emperor, long live the emperor After Luo Qinghan sat down firmly, he said in a low voice, Pingshen.Everyone stood up one after another.The five cabinet ministers standing at the front of the line couldn t help but raise their heads quietly, sizing up the emperor cautiously.Last night, Miss Baoqin came to find the late general.She said that the imperial concubine wanted to test Yu Jiu and asked the late general to deliberately relax the prevention and control.The final I will follow the instructions of the imperial concubine, and deliberately reduce the number of guards near the execution room.So those few guards who are in charge of guarding Yu Jiu are not negligent, they are just following orders.Luo Qinghan did not expect that there would be such a thing inside story.He said to Eunuch Chang.Have someone bring Baoqin here.He was going to let Baoqin confront Zhao Xian face to face, so that he could know whether what Zhao Xian said was true or not.As a result, just as Eunuch Chang walked out of the imperial study, he happened to see Baoqin walking towards the imperial study.When he sat on the shaft of the car and started to drive, he suddenly realized why he was doing things at this woman s pace unconsciously Obviously he should have taken the initiative Yu Jiu secretly scolded herself for being too stupid, and immediately became .

how long for cbd gummies to kick in reddit?

extremely vigilant, absolutely not allowing herself to be led by the nose by Xiao Xixi again.The snow hasn t stopped yet.Snowflakes were falling down one after another, and the mountain road was covered with a layer of pure white ice and snow.When the carriage passes by, two clear ruts will be left behind.But those two ruts were soon covered by falling snowflakes.Xiao Xixi lay on the window of the car, stuck her head out and looked back.I don t know where Lao Wang is I hope it can still remember the way back, and I hope it has a smooth journey.Xiao Xixi kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news got up and followed him out, asking questions cbd gummy worms clarksville tn how much is cbd gummies 300 mg as she walked.What did you say to that person Yu Jiu smiled mysteriously You guess.Xiao Xixi Forget it, she shouldn t have said that.Before leaving, Yu Jiu wanted to take a last look at Yu s house.When they passed by Jiang s house, they saw a group of cbd pm gummies people gathered at the gate of Jiang s house, including several police officers.People were whispering and discussing.Uncle Jiang doesn t know what evil he did.First he raised an unfilial son, and now the unfilial son has been killed.His son was originally a bum, and he was a disaster even if he was alive, but his death made everyone feel at ease.You can t say that, it s a life anyway.Uncle Jiang is so old, he only has such a son under his knees, and now his son is dead, leaving him, a daughter in law, and two children Grandson, orphans, widows and old people, how will they live in the future The crowd was arrested and quickly separated to clear a passage.

If the emperor kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news really didn t want to give her a chance to make up for her crimes, she would kill herself on the spot and use her own life and blood to end this matter.The dagger hidden in the loose sleeve was the one she was going to use to end her life.Although doing so is likely to make uninformed outsiders mistakenly think that the emperor forced his aunt to death, which will have an adverse impact on the emperor s reputation.But she couldn t think about that much anymore.As long as she can keep her family and children, she can do anything Anything can give Fortunately, the Emperor accepted her offer and was willing to give her one last chance.Princess Hua an let out a long breath, and the boulder hanging in her heart could finally fall to the ground.She met her son s eyes full of worry and concern, and smiled.If it were before, Luo Yechen would indeed be very happy.He wished that Luo Qinghan would give up the throne as soon as possible But after experiencing so many things, he has grown a lot.He said worriedly The fact that he can delegate power to me so easily means that he should have reserved his backing hands.He is not afraid at all that I will take the opportunity to seize power.Bu Shengyan raised his eyebrows, showing surprise.Hey, your little brain has finally become bright Luo Yechen s face flushed, and he said angrily, What do you mean by that Could it be that in your mind, I Division of Camiguin kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news have always been a person with a bad brain Bu Shengyan smiled but said nothing.In fact, she thought more than Luo Yechen.The reason why the emperor was able to delegate power to Luo Yechen so simply and neatly could be seen not only because he was confident that he could secure the throne and not afraid that Luo Yechen would take the opportunity to seize power, but it could also be seen as a temptation by the emperor.The coachman drove the carriage towards the Taimiao.The sound of horseshoes gradually faded away and disappeared into the thick night Xiao mango cbd gummies Xixi was surrounded by a white mist.She looked around, and soon found a familiar figure standing not far in front of her.Her eyes lit up, and she ran over quickly, calling out excitedly.Master Xuanjizi turned around, revealing his old face, with long snow white hair hanging down behind him, and the gray white Taoist robe with wide sleeves was windless.He looked at Xiao Xixi who was getting closer, and a kind smile appeared on his face involuntarily.Xixi.Xiao Xixi plunged into his arms like a baby swallow throwing herself into a forest, and said in a voice full of attachment Master, I miss you so much.Xuanjizi stroked her hair Your Why is your hair gray Speaking of this, Xiao Xixi couldn t help but feel a little guilty.Her nightmares will come true.Fang Wujiu tried his best to calm her down, and only after she calmed down did she ask about the details of her dream.Xiao Xixi told all the details she still remembered.After listening to her, Fang Wujiu s heart sank to the bottom.Judging from every detail, this nightmare is not like an ordinary dream, it is likely to become a reality Xiao Xixi grabbed his sleeve tightly and said with red eyes.Master is in danger, we have to go and save him Good morning everyone Chapter 1123 Drive carefully for ten thousand years In the Taimiao Temple, the lights are bright.When the clan members learned that King Linnan was coming, they all stood up and stretched their necks to look at the door.The emperor was the only one present who remained motionless.When King Linnan walked to the gate of the side hall, he was stopped by Zhao Xian.The sharp blade drew a cold arc in the air.It s a pity that you don t have the qualifications.Linnan Wang felt his neck go cold.Blood poured out from the opening in his neck.The front of his shirt was stained red.His eyes widened in disbelief, pupils trembling violently.You, you actually He never expected that the emperor would kill someone.Everyone else present was shocked by this sudden change.Everyone backed away one kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news after another, their eyes full of horror.Linnan Wang s body shook twice, but in the end he still couldn t hold on, and fell down weakly.Blood gushed out continuously like a spring, gathering into a pool of blood under his body.He opened his eyes wide, staring at Luo Qinghan, his body twitching uncontrollably.There was deathly silence in the side hall.After a long time, Duke Chang asked tremblingly.She got up and fled.How could Kong Chan let her run away Immediately cast lightness kung fu to catch up.Xiao Xixi endured the pain and ran forward quickly.Surrounded by a thick white miasma, the scenery was completely covered by the miasma, becoming blurred and unrecognizable.She didn t have time to stop and calculate the direction, so she could only use her intuition to wander around in the ghost forest.Kong Chan followed closely behind.Seeing that the distance between the two is getting closer.Xiao Xixi suddenly felt her feet go limp, and her whole body sank.She lowered her head and looked down, only to see that her feet had already sunk into the mud.Immediately afterwards, she felt a murderous aura coming from behind her Xiao Xixi couldn t pull out her feet, so she could only squat down in desperation.

It seems that he has a high status in the hearts of the Western Regions.Thinking of those tall and sturdy Western Regions BMW, kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news Luo Qinghan s mind not only floated.He is not a militaristic person, and he attacked the Liao Kingdom because the Liao Kingdom invaded Dasheng s territory first.He didn t have any special thoughts about the Western Regions, as long as everyone lives in peace.But now Yu Jiu has shown hostility towards Dasheng, rather than letting it go, it vena cbd gummies is better to strike first.Before Yu Jiu took control of the power, he first beat the Western Regions to the ground, and by the way, he was able to snatch the BMWs from the Western Regions for his own use.Xiao Xixi thought about it carefully, since Yu Jiu had already returned to the Western Regions, he could honestly be his young master in the Western Regions, why would he go to Nanyue to find her Could it be that he regretted not killing her last time and wanted to make up for it again How much hatred and hatred is this Xiao Xixi suddenly thought of the group of people from the Western Regions in Lingtai County.Luo Qinghan thought about it seriously You mean, just let Yu Jiu go Xiao Xixi You have broken his tendons and hamstrings, and pierced his lute bone.I think this lesson is enough.Coupled with the marks left by Gu King on him, as long as he is not tired of work, he should not dare to provoke us again.Luo Qinghan But I want a BMW from the Western Regions.There is no man who doesn t love horses, and Emperor Dasheng is no exception.Xiao Xixi puffed up her chest and said cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news solemnly Yu Jiu has promised to send us two thousand BMWs from the Western Regions.kill him.The corners of Luo Qinghan s mouth curled up slightly Xixi is really amazing.Xiao Xixi smiled so much that she showed her small white teeth It s not bad, it s just so so.Luo Qinghan cbd thc hybrid gummies kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news sent an order to let Yu Jiu and the people he brought go.Make pie.The master was full of black lines when he heard it, so he quickly asked him to sit down.The second person who introduced himself was Xiao Changsheng.When he stood up, all the students in the kelly clarkson cbd gummies fox news class looked at him without blinking, and even the teacher s eyes became more concerned.Although these children are still young and don t quite understand how big the difference in status is, they have been reminded by their parents when they were at home, telling them to have a good relationship with the little prince and princess.Especially this little prince, if there is no accident, he will be the next emperor of the Dasheng Dynasty.Hello, everyone.My name is Luo Huaijun.I am five years old.I am very happy to be a classmate with you.After Xiao Changsheng sat down, Xiao Kei immediately stood up.


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