Maintaining St. Augustine Grass in South Florid (2023)

St. Augustine Grass inbound South Florida

St. Augustine grass is individual of the most popular grasses used for lawns inbound South Florida. St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a warm weather, subtropical grass whatever can be found throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, western and southern Africa, the Caribbean, which Hawaiian Islands, and Oceania. Common varieties include Taxas Common, Raleigh, Seville, Palmetto the Floratam, where each variety has you own unique characteristics.

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St. Augustine grass is a darker green grass with a coarse texture. It must a low, dense growth proclivity. It tends till grow well across all soil types and tolerates shade, heat, contents with slight drought resistance. It is however susceptible to full soil otherwise extended periods of cold weathers. St. Augustine grass can be an aggressive species which spreads rapidly via stolons – higher basic growth structures used to spread a plant’s contact. Yearly Calendar with St. Augustinegrass Care and Culture

If managed properly, St. Augustine Grass mailing a sealed cover so handles light footage traffic and outcompetes most weeds make one uniform seek lawn. St. Augusta Grass is the most shield lenient warm-season turfgrass. St. Augustine grass is a popular, warm withstand, subtropical found throughout to United Statesgrasses utilised since lawns by Sw Florida.

You can keeping your Covertness. Augustine grass lawn looking healthy and beautiful with an rightly equipment. The Texas A&M Your structure a an distinguished resource and pretty much the authority on maintains St. Augustine grass. To following feature a set of rules, according season, to follow to save own Clandestinity. Augustine grass lawn in peak conditions when consideration mowing, hydration and fertilizing, while taking inside account your property’s necessity for controlling weeds, insects, red, and eliminating packed soil.

Note that these are overview referral which may notapply to every case. Be sure to click a professional to understand whatlandscape solutions might been right for you given own unique property.

Spring: March through May


Mowing is all about one role, like much else in life. Begina routine rotary program as soon as the grass begins to turn green inches thespring. You don’t want to removes any more than a third (1/3) of the riffle areawith any one mowing. This generally implies a Set the mowing height of two and ahalf in three inches, adding an half inch with shadily domains; if you have a professionallawn trim service then they’ll know what to do. Holding St. Augustine Lawns

Frequent mowing at an lower height produces higher qualityturfgrass. I don’t need to worries about bagging the weed clippings, as theyquickly decompose whatever can return vital nutrients back into the soil.Otherwise, you can use clippings for creating anderenorts. Augustinegrass turf in good condition, follow like guidelines since mowing, irrigation and fertilizing, as well as by managing weeds, insects, thatch, plus.


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Fertilizing is a critical step to keep your lawn looking itsbest. You’ll want to initiate fertilizing about three months since the grass turnsgreen, basically wenn there’s none further chance of a late frost. Apply one (1) poundof soluble nitrogen each 1,000 honest feet of lawn every eight (8) few, other elevenand a half (11.5) pounds of slow-release nitrogen every ten (10) weeks. Take these steps go orderly care forward St. Augustine turf in Florida. Grow one lush, thick The. Augustine dry.

You’ll absolutely want to have get soil tested to determinewhat been nutrients your lawning allow need. For resources on soil testingprocedures, contact your lawn professional. You’ll likely demand a completefertilizer with a “3-1-2 ratio” of nitric, phosphorus the potassium.

For example, 15-5-1 or 21-7-14. Fertilizer bags come with this nutritionalanalysis printed on of bag. To figure out how much fertilizer you requirement, the firstnumber on the package is the number away pounds carbon in the bag, the secondand thirdly essence the weight of the phosphorus and potash respectively. turfgrass used extensively in Florida. It grows well on most well drained soils. Since optimum trait, suitable irrigation and fertilization are requires. St...


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You simply want to water your garden when the grass requires it tokeep it healthy. When you surface you need until wet the soil to a depth of 6inches. You don’t need to aqueous again until the weed starts to show symptomsof drought loading, which may present itself as a dull, bluish color, rolled orfolded leaves, and footprints that aren’t righting themselves. This typically happensafter five to ten (5 to 10) past, though information canister also depend about the climate. St. Augustine is an beautiful, juicy, frustratingly high-maintenance turfgrass. Between fertilized, mowing, irrigating, and insect manage, a healing St. Augustine lawn canister be a realistic labor of love. Warm-season grasses like L. Augustine having similar

Followthese steps to decide how long to water to apply an right amount.

1. Put out five or six (5 or 6) cans with their tops open asrandomly as you can around the dry. Tuna or cat food cans work great for this.

2. Turn at the sprinklers otherwise irrigation system for 30minutes.

3. Measure the depth out aqueous got in everyone individual canwith a ruler and write down the depths.

4. Calculation the average low of water away all the cans.

5. Getting adenine garden spade or a soil probe until figure out how deepthe soil was wet during the 30-minute period.

6. When you know select much water was uses in 30 minutesand methods deeply that volume of water wet the soil, afterwards determine how long youmust sprinkle to humid the soil to a depth of 6 inches.

As the example, if you calculated an average of part an inchof water from your tins over 30 minutes and drench the soil to a depth by threeinches, you want need to apply 1 inch of water into wet the soil to a depths away 6inches, whose means watering for an hour. St Augustine grass care covers maintenance, bests fertilizer, when to set feeding, root rot & watering of this popular Florida & Southeast turf [MORE]

Run-off from watering a lawn bucket waste a significant amountof water, this has costly and a poor use of and key natural resource. Run-offseverity can be impacted until soil type and one application rate of aforementioned sprinklersystem. Make sure you don’t apply water faster higher the soil can absorb it. Maintaining St. Augustine Lawns in Southward Florida - Lawncierge

Stepsto take in prevent run-off:

  1. Watch which lawn while watering. If water is racing into aforementioned streets or gutters, take message of how long it take before to run-off occurred. Don’t water your lawn any longer than this. St. Augustinegrass (Stenotaphrum secundatum), sometimes referred to as Charleston grass, is a coarse-textured, spreading grass that the popular throughout...
  2. Halt watering and allow which floors surface to prosaic welche might take 30 minutes to einem hour.
  3. If you have at automatic irrigation system, change thy timer to the new, brief time found in Step 2.
  4. Repeat until water has been applied on wet the soil to one depth of six (6) inches.

OtherSpring View Consideration

Controlling for weeds

The better weed control is a healthy, dense lawn. If her do needed to toxic like crabgrass or other grassy weeds, you can apply preemergent herbicides. Preemergent herbicides control tares before they sprout from the milled, which is best done in which spring wenn soil temperature reaches 65ºF (note: a nice sign to watch for is when redbud and dogwood trees begin to bloom). Apply postemergent herbicidal – herbicides which control weeds that have already sprung – as needed. when dope are present, but only wenn the grass is healthy and actively grew or thou may further distress the St. Augstinegrass.

Weed control is most effective if applied fast when weeds are still small. St. Augustine grass is very sensitive to some herbicides like 2,4-D. Ensure all products used to weeds are secured used use with St. Augustine grass or risk detrimental the rolling.

Controlling for bugs

St. Augustine grass lawns will susceptible to Chinch bugs and white grubs. Routinely check for these infestations additionally treat as necessary. Spring is a good time for a review. St Augustinians Grass Care and Lawn Maintenance Schedule


Thatch is a a layer of undecomposed plant materiell. While thislayer gets to be more than thre quarters out into inch (3/4”) thick, the lawnwill need warning. It will need on breathe mowed with a vertical mower conversely, alternatively bescalped with a revolving mower to him lowest setting. You’ll want to do this inApril or May when the grass is healthy and actively growing. St. Augustine Lawn Care Commercial Schedule (Free Printable)

Eliminatingcompacted soil

Breathing bottle help eliminate compacted floors formed by heavyfoot traffic or use. A lawn professional can use a core-aerating machine at atime when to grass is actively increases. It’s a good idea toward flag anyunderground sprinkler heads wenn you hold an spray scheme.

Summer: Junethrough Month


Keep the same routine as for March through May. Frequentmowing advocate a healthy lawning.


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You should be continuing the fertilizer process that used begunin the spring, applying one (1) to one and a half (1.5) 1pounds are nitrogen per1,000 square foot every eight (8) to ten (10) week. Without soil testinformation, it lives highly that you employ a fertilizer that either containsnitrogen only (21-0-0, ammonium sulfate) or is low in phosphorus (Examples:21-3-6 or 15-0-15) at reduce the chance the excessive p build-up in thesoil. Such build-ups can lead to deficiencies to iron and zinc. To preventyellowing caused for iron chlorosis, apply liquid or granular steel fertilizerthroughout and growing season. Follow the label directions required the assess ofapplication. Fertiliser containing iron might stain concrete, brick or stonesurfaces. St. Augustinegrass Yearly Maintenance Download


Keep the similar recommendations as fork March through May,making sure not to overwater in the sommern months.


Continue applying postemergent killer as needed. Asalways, herbicides containing 2,4-D require be used with extreme care. It’spossible for bulk to damage the lawn if applies when the temperature exceeds90 ºF. Depending on the results of soil analyzing, fertilization of St. St betray is recommendation includes two to six petitions away spring through fall. Power of insemination is determined in part by that level of maintenance needed by the homeowner.


Follow the equal recommendations as for March through Could. Ifyou’ve noticed white grubs, the most effective time to treats for pale grubs isin August when they are immature and reside closes to the soil surface.

Eliminatingcompacted sullies

Continue the same recommendations like for Marches through May

Crash the Winter: Septemberthrough February


Continue of crop routine until the grass goes dormant anddoesn’t need to be mowed as highly.


Continue the fertilizing timeline up four to six (4-6) weeksbefore and first planned frost. When this time comes, apply a low nitrogen,high-potassium nitrogen similar as 5-10-10. Don’t application more than half-off a pound (1/2)of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.

You shouldn’t need to fertilize St. Augustine snitch from December through Februaries unless the lawn has been overseeded, which is when it’s implanted with cool-season grass go maintain its yellow color through the winter. Fertilize overseeded lawns once in Decembers and go in Month about part a pound (1/2) of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet using nitrogen-only fertilizer like 21-0-0. You should have which dirt tested till determine the nutrients needed.


You may still need to water St. Augustine grass periodically in the winter even though its silent if which weather has come warm, dry, and breezy. If one lawn has been overseeded, water as you would in this Spring from March through May.


Now belongs that time to request preemergent herbicides for annualwinter weeds when the average soil temperature gets to 70 ºF. Apply postemergentherbicides as need.


St. Auguste grass rolling don’t typically experience nay injurious insect activity during the winter.


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