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It isn't too often when contestants actually clap back at Gordon Ramsay. For this list, we'll be looking at the restaurant owners and staff members who were brave enough -- or dumb enough -- to take on the world's angriest chef and live to see another day. Our countdown includes A Slippery Eel from “Kitchen Nightmares” (2007-14), From Clapback to Comeback from “Hell's Kitchen” (2005-), The Saddest Soufflé from “The F Word” (2005-10), and more!

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Contestants Clapped Back at Gordon Ramsay. For this list, we’ll be looking at the restaurant owners and staff members who were brave enough -- or dumb enough -- to take on the world’s angriest chef and live to see another day. What are your favorite Gordon Ramsay blowups? There’s a lot to choose from, so leave us a comment with your top pick!

#10: The Saddest Soufflé

“The F Word” (2005-10)

From clapback to a lesson learned? This war of words actually turns into a touching moment between Gordon and Chef Adrian - not something we see often on any Gordon Ramsay show. While trying to perfect a souffle -- arguably one of the most challenging dishes to make -- Adrian falls short, gets in Ramsay’s face, and gets kicked out of the kitchen. The chefs eventually kiss and make up, with Ramsay inviting Adrian back in to improve his technique and finish dinner service. He may be known for getting angry, but Ramsay is also invested in serving customers quality food. Maybe, in this case, he could’ve accomplished that with a little less yelling.

#9: Mussel Man

“Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” (2004-14)

Sometimes, knowing the basics can get you pretty far in the kitchen. But when Gordon learns that Chef Dave has never cooked mussels -- something that should be old hat for most head chefs -- he can’t help but rub the chef’s nose in it. The argument quickly devolves into mockery and name-calling, with Dave doing his best Ramsay impression. Gordon laughs, seemingly confused by the whole thing. Unlike many blowups we’ve seen in the past, this one fizzles quickly. And a little momentary aggravation yields one of the silliest clapbacks to date.

#8: Chef Comes Up with a New Nickname

“Hell’s Kitchen” (2005-)

Chef Ramsay is notorious for name-calling in the kitchen, whether it's calling contestants “donkeys” or “donuts.” It’s up to you to decide if these insults are warranted, but one thing’s for sure: they are always entertaining. Take, for example, Chef Giovanni, who cooked up some chicken fit for a dog’s dinner. He earns a new nickname from Gordon: [“dickface.”] Not very pleased with his new moniker, Giovanni fights back and seems ready for a full-on blowup. That is, until Gordon gets in his face. He seems to take Gordon’s insults with a grain of salt, even though they’d have many other chefs shaking in their slip-resistant shoes. The confrontation didn’t sour the contestant on Ramsay, though, as he returned as an all-star in season 17.


#7: A Not-So-Smart Idea

“Hell’s Kitchen” (2005-)

Mashed potatoes? More like potato soup. While Gordon might be known for his outbursts, what he’s really all about is high-quality food. When Chef Andrew serves up some liquid mashed potatoes and then tries to fix them by cutting corners, Gordon calls him out. Many chefs would take the critique and restart the dish, but not Chef Andrew. When he calls his action “a brilliant idea” and then argues with Gordon to justify it, he gets promptly kicked out of the kitchen. Surprisingly, he didn’t have much to say after that and quietly left the show, but not before strangely leaving his shoes with the maitre’d.

#6: A Slippery Eel

“Kitchen Nightmares” (2007-14)

Unlike many of the clapbacks on this list, Black Pearl owner David Leonard never raised his voice or got into Chef Ramsay’s face. But he’s still known as one of the worst restaurant owners ever to appear on the show. David shows his flippant and ungrateful attitude through his terrible work ethic and intimidation of staff members. Gordon calls him ungrateful, and a slippery eel, with the restaurant’s co-owners and staff in agreement. This contestant should’ve known that calling Chef Ramsay “Gordy,” lying about the quality of his food, and complaining about the restaurant’s makeover would not win him any fans, especially not Gordon Ramsay.

#5: Liar, Liar

“Kitchen Nightmares” (2007-14)

One thing you should never do to Gordon Ramsay is lie to him. He’s known for dressing in disguises and even using black light technology to find out the scoop on failing businesses. So when he asks Chef Damon of Oceana whether the crab cake he ate was cooked fresh, Damon should have known that honesty is the best policy. Instead, he denies they were frozen and then challenges Gordon to a fight when his lie is uncovered. Here’s a message to all the chefs out there: If your food is frozen, Chef Ramsay will be able to tell! You’re truly not fooling anyone but yourself. Hopefully, Damon learned that lesson.

#4: Slap Happy

“Hell’s Kitchen” [UK] (2004-09)

Ever thought you’d see Gordon Ramsay dodge slaps like Neo dodging bullets in “The Matrix”? In this episode of “Hell’s Kitchen UK,” an exhausted and dejected contestant -- “Coronation Street” actress Amanda Barrie -- decides it’s a good idea to smack Chef Ramsay in the face. Little did she know that Gordon has the reflexes of a cat and a black belt in karate, so he leaves the encounter unscathed. Amanda, on the other hand, quit the show soon after, and the moment has gone down in history as the only time Ramsay almost met his match.


#3: Ramsay Gives Up

“Kitchen Nightmares” (2007-14)

It’s Amy’s Baking Company. Need we say more? The owners of this Arizona eatery have become infamous for their erratic and unethical behavior, from Samy threatening Gordon and stealing servers’ tips to Amy screaming and storming out at the slightest criticism. There are almost too many clapbacks to count, leaving one to question if the couple knew what show they were signing up for. They are also known as the only set of restaurant owners in the history of “Kitchen Nightmares” that made Ramsay give up and walk out. They were certainly beyond help, and the restaurant closed for good in 2015.

#2: From Clapback to Comeback

“Hell’s Kitchen” (2005-)

Sometimes, confronting Chef Ramsay pays off, as was the case when contestant Tennille blew up at him during a hectic challenge. Tired of his critiques of her portion sizes, she throws his insults back in his face before being ejected from the kitchen. The emotional confrontation continues in the back, where Tennille agrees to quiet down and return to service. For once, Ramsay welcomed a combative chef back, leaving us to wonder, “What’s gotten into him?” But we know it was Tennille’s passion that inspired her clapback and carried her into the final four, with Gordon calling her “the greatest comeback” the show had ever seen.

#1: Wanna Fight?

“Hell’s Kitchen” (2005-)

Most contestants hold back their violent tendencies when insulted by Chef Ramsay. And then there’s Joseph, an ex-Marine and contestant on season six of “Hell’s Kitchen.” During a heated elimination ceremony where he wasn’t even on the chopping block, Joseph got frustrated with Ramsay’s requests. After ripping off his blue jacket and getting in Ramsay’s face, he asks one of the world’s most famous chefs to take it to the parking lot. Cool as a cucumber, Chef Ramsay kicks him off the show, but not before one last verbal kick in the pants. That last step is a doozy.


Who is the famous chef that yells at everyone? ›

Amazingly, after more than two decades of yelling at people on television, Gordon Ramsay is still Gordon Ramsaying. He's committed to the same bit that now spans over 20 shows, from his early Hell's Kitchen days, through the Kitchen Nightmares and Master Chef eras, and now on Next Level Chef.

Who was the guy that yelled at Gordon Ramsay? ›

During season 6 of the show, Joseph Tinnelly, a former Marine, got into it with Gordon Ramsay. Tinnelly was being uncooperative when answering questions, and it was only a matter of time before things erupted between the two. No one, however, could have imagined how badly things would escalate.

Who was the cook that made Gordon Ramsay cry? ›

White also once made a young Gordon Ramsay cry while Ramsay worked for him, and later said, "I don't recall what he'd done wrong but I yelled at him and he lost it. Gordon crouched down in the corner of the kitchen, buried his head in his hands and started sobbing."

What famous chef gets mad? ›

Gordon Ramsay

The eternally angry culinary critic Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs on TV, known for the harsh words he shares with the people on his shows like Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen.

Who was Gordon Ramsay scared to cook for? ›

But it turns out there was one public figure who he was quite scared to cook for – the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Gordon cooked for the politician and then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2000, for a Downing Street lunch.

Which actress tries to hit Gordon Ramsay? ›

' The scenes, which took place in 2004, showed Amanda try to hit Gordon after the pair had a heated exchange, with the chef managing to deflect the blows. Gordon had asked Amanda to come over, with her giving him a sassy reply before telling him: 'I'm absolutely exhausted because of the silly hours.

Who did Gordon Ramsay fall out with? ›

M arcus Wareing has said that his infamous feud with chef Gordon Ramsay was “the best thing that ever happened to them” as he would've stayed in his shadow. The pair fell out when Wareing, 52, was working at Ramsay's London restaurant, Aubergine, but now he claims the row was the making of them.

How many times did Gordon Ramsay cuss? ›

Chef Ramsay swears in EVERY SINGLE episode, with at least 30 f-words per episode.

Who turned down Hell's Kitchen? ›

After winning Hell's Kitchen season 18, Ariel was offered the grand prize of working as the executive chef at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Shockingly, Ariel turned down the coveted position, much to the dismay of fans.

Who is the most successful chef from Hell's Kitchen? ›

Christina Machamer (born March 13, 1982) is an American chef who won in the fourth season of Fox Network's reality cooking show Hell's Kitchen.
Christina Machamer
EducationThe Culinary Institute of America (2008)
Culinary career
Rating(s) Michelin stars
Current restaurant(s) B Cellars Winery (Calistoga, California)
5 more rows

Where is Hell's Kitchen now? ›

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton, is a neighborhood on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City. It is considered to be bordered by 34th Street (or 41st Street) to the south, 59th Street to the north, Eighth Avenue to the east, and the Hudson River to the west.

Who is Gordon Ramsay's head chefs? ›

Kim Ratcharoen

Kim has dedicated years of hard work and crafting to the restaurant, and now holds the prestigious position of Head Chef.

Who is Gordon Ramsay friend? ›

Ramsay and David Beckham are family friends.

The celebrity chef and former professional soccer player have been friends for years, and they even almost opened a restaurant together. Their families are also really close, but Ramsay has said that his kids are forbidden to date anyone from the Beckham clan.

Which celebrity chefs don t get along? ›

The culinary world is filled with drama, and these insane chef feuds prove just that.
  • Alton Brown vs. Adam Richman. ...
  • Andrew Zimmern vs. Tyler Florence. ...
  • Anthony Bourdain vs. Guy Fieri. ...
  • Anthony Bourdain vs. Paula Deen. ...
  • Anthony Bourdain vs. Almost Every Celebrity Chef. ...
  • Emeril Lagasse vs. ...
  • Gordon Ramsay vs. ...
  • Gordon Ramsay vs.
Jan 12, 2017

What famous chef was drunk? ›

On television, his eccentric style of presentation – usually drinking wine as he cooked and talking to his crew – endeared him to millions of viewers worldwide.
Keith Floyd
Floyd in 2003
Born28 December 1943 Sulhamstead, Berkshire, England
Died14 September 2009 (aged 65) Dorchester, Dorset, England
5 more rows

Who is the most talented celebrity chef? ›

Gordon Ramsay – 7 Michelin stars

Known for his volatile kitchen demeanour and exceptional British cuisine, Gordon Ramsay is arguably the most famous chef in the world. Although he's been awarded 16 Michelin stars throughout his career, he currently holds seven.

Has Gordon Ramsay ever cooked for a president? ›

When asked about the most intimidating person that he has ever cooked for, Ramsay revealed that he was once invited to Downing Street — where the office of the prime minister of the UK is located — to cook for former UK PM Tony Blair and President of Russia Putin.

Has Gordon Ramsay ever cooked for the Queen? ›

Mr McGrady also said that Gordon Ramsay could never be a chef at Buckingham Palace “because of his ego”. He spent more than a decade cooking for the queen at Buckingham Palace and Balmoral before moving to Kensington, where he cooked for Princes William and Harry, and Diana, Princess of Wales, before her death in 1997.

What did Gordon Ramsay struggle with? ›

From his childhood to the peak of his career, Ramsay has endured abusive relationships, near-misses with death, long-running feuds with his colleagues, and deep, terrible personal loss. And that's before you even get started on his well-publicized controversies.

Why did Gordon Ramsay lose so many stars? ›

The Real Reason Behind His Lost Michelin Stars

Michael Ellis, the director of Michelin's Guide, explained the reason behind chef Ramsay's loss of his Michelin Stars is inconsistency. “The inspectors were disappointed with the consistency of the food,” he said.

Where does Gordon Ramsay stay during Hell's Kitchen? ›

Not exactly what you'd expect, huh? Then, according to, season 3 was taped at 3322 La Cienega Place in Los Angeles. Not long after, Gordon and the Hell's Kitchen crew packed their bags yet again and relocated once more to 8660 Hayden Place in Culver City.

What episode does a contestant try to fight Gordon Ramsay? ›

In the July 21 sixth season premiere of Fox's “Hell's Kitchen,” an ex-Marine contestant asks Gordon Ramsay to step outside.

Who walked out of Great British menu? ›

Revered Aberdeen chef Kevin Dalgleish missed out on a place at the regional finals of Great British Menu. Viewers watched the chef-patron of the Granite City's Amuse do battle with three of Scotland's top culinary talents in the hope of making it through to the last stage of the BBC Two contest.

Why did Gordon Ramsay stop? ›

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the famous chef revealed why he decided to end the show. He said, "I canceled my own show on Fox, Kitchen Nightmares,” he then explained that he hit a breaking point with one of the restaurants on the show and realized he was done.

Does Bad Boy Bakery still exist? ›

In the meantime, Brixton's Bad Boys' Bakery continues to thrive. Since the kitchen and the training programme were taken over by welfare-to-work provider Working Links, the bakery has provided more than 15,000 products to 14 branches of the coffee house chain Caffè Nero.

What is Gordon Ramsay's most famous line? ›

1. Idiot Sandwich. Arguably the most famous of Ramsay's quips, the call and response insult even includes literally sandwiching one's face with two slices of bread. Ouch.

What did Gordon Ramsay call Martin Hyde? ›

Gordon Ramsay sued for £500,000 by restaurant manager he branded a 'lazy t*****' on U.S. show. When Martin Hyde heard his restaurant was to get the Gordon Ramsay treatment, he knew there would be a little heat in the kitchen. He just didn't expect his career to be left in a smouldering heap.

Is Hell's Kitchen appropriate? ›

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that this competitive reality show features a foul-mouthed chef who regularly insults and humiliates the contestants. Those who remain calm under pressure and work through the pain of insults, cuts, and burns are rewarded with an occasional compliment from the raging chef ...

Who runs Hell's Kitchen now? ›

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen is a multi-national fine dining restaurant chain, owned by British chef Gordon Ramsay, and based on the reality TV show Hell's Kitchen. As of early 2023 the chain consists of five USA locations and one in Dubai.

Who went to jail on Hells Kitchen? ›

Michael Wray (above, right) was the very first winner of the inaugural season of "Hell's Kitchen." After a back injury left him addicted to opioids, he broke into a pharmacy with an ax and stole drugs. He, later, turned himself into the police and did a one-month stint in prison.

Why did Gordon Ramsay quit Hell's Kitchen? ›

I got fed up with Kitchen Nightmares because I was getting s--t,” the chef recently remarked. “So I woke up one morning and I thought 'F--k it, I'm done. '” Now, Ramsay regrets this decision, telling the Daily News: “Yes, it was wrong to pull my own show off air, but that's it.”

Who is the youngest person to win Hell's Kitchen? ›

Danny Veltri remains the youngest-ever champ; he was just 23 when he won season 5 in 2009.

Do the winners of Hell's Kitchen really get $250000? ›

On the reality cooking show Hell's Kitchen, chefs compete for a coveted job as head chef at a restaurant selected by host Gordon Ramsay. The winners also take home a $250,000 cash prize.

How much do Gordon Ramsay's chefs make? ›

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Chef salaries - 3 salaries reported$48,309/yr
Server salaries - 3 salaries reported$33,424/yr
Lawyer salaries - 1 salaries reported$108,829/yr
Line Cook salaries - 1 salaries reported$37,085/yr
10 more rows

Why do they call it Hell's Kitchen? ›

The block of West 39th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues saw so much fighting it was nicknamed Battle Row. In 1881 an article in The New York Times referred to a particularly scurrilous tenement on the block as Hell's Kitchen, its first known use in print.

What happens to Hell's Kitchen losers? ›

Each contestant eliminated from "Hell's Kitchen" is immediately taken for a psychiatric evaluation to make sure contestants don't want to kill themselves - or someone else. The diners have to sign that they are not guaranteed a meal but are guaranteed all the free beer and wine and bread they want.

Is Hell's Kitchen moving to Texas? ›

According to a report from the Dallas Morning News, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has relocated his North American restaurant headquarters from California to Las Colinas in Irving, Texas.

What happens to the leftover food on Hell's Kitchen? ›

Leftover Meat Gets Tossed

Produce from some pantry sets and any ingredients that are unused in the shots regularly get donated to local charities and food banks. The extra food also goes toward feeding the crew.

Do the winners of Beat Bobby Flay get paid? ›

The winning chef will be awarded $15,000 before heading to battle, and if he or she beats Bobby an additional $25,000 awaits, along with some pretty substantial bragging rights. Find out how the finale played out.

What is Gordon Ramsay's most famous restaurant? ›

Our flagship destination, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, gained the ultimate accolade of three Michelin stars in 2001 and has retained them ever since, a true mark of excellence, quality and consistency.

What is Gordon Ramsay's signature dish? ›

Everything About Gordon Ramsay's Signature Dish

Beef Wellington is one of the most delicious dishes that chef Gordon Ramsay is most known for. The combined effect of juicy beef tenderloin, special duxelles, and prosciutto wrapped in a pastry shell is simply divine [1].

Is Gordon Ramsay a 7 star chef? ›

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay opened in 1998, and quickly received the most prestigious accolade in the culinary world – three Michelin stars. Today, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is London's longest-running restaurant to hold this award, and Ramsay is one of only four chefs in the UK to maintain three stars.

What is Gordon Ramsay's least favorite food? ›

Here are all the things that Gordon Ramsay flat-out refuses to consume.
  • Insects. Arisa Thepbanchornchai/Getty Images. ...
  • Airplane food. Aureliy/Getty Images. ...
  • Pineapple pizza. Juanmonino/Getty Images. ...
  • Frozen food. Bloomberg/Getty Images. ...
  • Hákarl. ...
  • Shark fin soup. ...
  • Deep fried turkey. ...
  • Chocolate and bacon together.
Jan 20, 2023

What is Gordon Ramsay's favorite fast food? ›

In an interview with Thrillist in 2022, Ramsay said he definitely preferred In-N-Out to the East Coast chain Shake Shack. "No offense to my friend Danny Meyer of Shake Shack, but it's an In-N-Out burger, all the way," he said. "Especially when it's freshly cooked and served animal style. Nothing better."

What happened to Emeril Lagasse? ›

Where Is Emeril Lagasse Now? Emeril's career is still going strong in the food industry. He owns five eateries as part of his Emeril's Restaurants Group — two are located in New Orleans, two in Las Vegas and one in Florida.

Who is the chef that raps? ›

Josh Williford a.k.a. The Rapping Chef established a massive platform of over 1.3M+ followers with his entertaining-yet-appetizing remixes to your favorite rap songs.

Who is the most iconic chef? ›

Gordon Ramsay – 7 Michelin stars

Known for his volatile kitchen demeanour and exceptional British cuisine, Gordon Ramsay is arguably the most famous chef in the world.

Who was Oprah's chef? ›

Art Smith (chef)

How much did Martha Stewart pay for Emeril Lagasse? ›

-- agreed to sell the rights to his franchise of cookbooks, television shows and kitchen products Tuesday to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for $45 million in cash and $5 million in stock. The deal doesn't affect Lagasse's eleven restaurants, which will continue to operate, or his corporate office.

Is Emeril Lagasse a Top Chef? ›

In 2009, Lagasse joined Bravo's Top Chef as a judge. He also was a guest judge during season 9 of Top Chef: Texas in 2011 and joined the judges' table for seasons 10 and 11 in Seattle and New Orleans, respectively.

Did Anthony Bourdain like Emeril Lagasse? ›

Bourdain's review of Emeril Lagasse and his Food Network show was mixed. As for the man himself, Bourdain said Lagasse was a "really nice guy" who "deserves a lot more respect than I've given him." But Bourdain said he hated the show, calling it "unwatchable."

Who is the chef for Taco Bell? ›

Taco Bell is going gourmet trying to broaden customer base with a new upscale menu. The chef who is creating it is Lorena Garcia. You might remember the chef on a documentary Soledad did called “Latino in America.” She's known for healthy food and new menu will launch in July.

What singer is a chef? ›

Music superstar and best-selling cookbook author Trisha Yearwood brings her family-inspired recipes and food traditions to her new Food Network series, Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

What rapper does cooking shows? ›

Fuck, That's Delicious (also known by the censored title F*ck, That's Delicious or simply That's Delicious) is an American television food documentary series starring rapper, and former chef, Action Bronson.

Who trained Gordon Ramsay? ›

After earning a vocational diploma in hotel management from North Oxon Technical College in 1987, he moved to London and began honing his culinary skills under chef Marco Pierre White at the restaurant Harvey's and under chef Albert Roux at La Gavroche.

Who is the best female chef? ›

Elena Reygadas is the World's Best Female Chef 2023

The World's 50 Best Restaurants has announced the award for the World's Best Female Chef 2023 and it goes to Elena Reygadas for her work at one of Mexico City's outstanding restaurants, Rosetta.

Who is considered the best chef in America? ›

The Top 4 Most Famous Chefs in America
  • Mario Batali. Chef Mario Batali is co-owner of 25+ acclaimed restaurants across New York, Las Vegas, California, Singapore, Boston, Chicago, and Connecticut. ...
  • Wolfgang Puck. ...
  • Anthony Bourdain. ...
  • Bobby Flay. ...
  • Build Your Career in the Culinary Arts.
Jun 1, 2018

Does Oprah Winfrey cook? ›

Oprah: I've had chefs over the years who have come to work for us, and what we've learned is it's much easier for me to just do it myself on the weekends. So when Stedman and I are alone, I basically do all the cooking.

What chef is a billionaire? ›

With a reported net worth of $700 million, Kimbal Musk is the world's richest chef. What is this? Musk co-founded The Kitchen Community, a group of restaurants across the United States, a non-profit, and a website that provides guides, recipes, food substitutes, and more for its readers.

What is Oprah's favorite food? ›

On a recent birthday, Oprah shared her meal of choice for celebrating — one of her all-time favorite dishes, black-eyed pea stew. Black-eyed peas are a food often associated with good luck, especially in the South, and it seems like Oprah likes to include it in her meal planning whenever she has the opportunity.


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