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If you are here, let’s assume that you just had a smoking bong session with your buddies and now you are all high, lively, and wondering what can become of the cannabis resin from the cannabis plant that’s left in your weed pipe? Can you smoke resin? What about the resin stuck to your pipe or bong, and how can you smoke resin? What to do with resin from a weed pipe?

There are not uncommon questions for the stoners who regularly smoke up and let’s face it, we all like to embark on random topics to converse upon when high and with the best of the people. Most questions while on THC don’t necessarily make sense, but many people want to know the best way to deal with smoke resin.

Here is a simple guide on what you can do if you have smoking resin still left after your smoking session.

What is Resin?

For those who may be here simply out of pure curiosity and want to know more about smoking resin from weed/cannabis/marijuana, and how to use resin, you’ve come to the right place!

To put it simply, the weed resin is the tar-like residue that builds up in the weed pipe, or in any of the dab rigs, after some bong sessions. Resin is a sticky residue from the cannabis plant that sticks to the weed pipe when cannabis is dabbed or smoked. Also known as live resin, weed resin, or just resin.

So, what should you do with weed resin from the pipe? Let’s continue to read to find out! If you are new to this, you may be surprised at how many forms of smoking resin are there. We will be looking into all that here and answering your questions about ‘what to do with resin from weed pipe’.

How Do You Get Resin from a Weed Pipe?

Before you can do anything with cannabis resin, you must first get the resin out of the bowl. There are different methods for this:

  1. You can use a bobby pin, a paper clip, or any sharp metal object to scrape the cannabis resin from your weed pipe. A clean pipe that is scrapped and washed with water gives a good smoke anyway! If you are new to this or scrapping your pipe for the first time, you may want to dry heat your pipe to get live resin. The hot temperature will soften the resin ball and make it easier to collect the leftover marijuana to smoke resin.
  2. Clean with isopropyl. For this method, put the pipe in a plastic bag with alcohol and let it still for a couple of hours. Clean the pipe with water afterward or it may affect how you smoke resin.
  3. Freeze the pipe! With this method, you may not even need to scrap first. Leave it in the freezer for thirty minutes and using a needle, scrape off the frozen bits. Many people find this method to be good as it’s less time-consuming, and not as messy. It makes it easier to smoke resin too since you can collect all of it to get high with.
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Cannabis Resin Types

It’s helpful to know the differences between the numerous varieties of resin before you smoke resin, what they’re named, and how they’re utilized while talking about cannabis resin. This is especially the case if you don’t want to waste all of that good resin leftover.

Hash and Rosin

Since hash and rosin are taken straight from the plant, they aren’t commonly referred to as “resin”. You can make hash with cannabis resin, but smoking live resin is different from hash.

For consumers who want to vape or smokesomething more powerful than dried cannabis leaves, concoctions like these are a good option. However, you may not be used to it at first since it may taste like tar to you. If you want to use the cannabis resin, there are plenty of options you can use to smoke the bud of cannabis resin that we have covered below.

Hash and cannabis resin are usually stronger and linger longer than standard formulations.

What is the difference between resin and rosin? Rosin is a concentrate created from marijuana flowers, also known as kief, and is a great alternative to solvents for individuals who prefer to avoid straight cannabis. Resin, on the other hand, is more of a type ofhash that full cannabis. It works well if you want to get high too. The cannabis material is turned into hash oil after a full melt, which is suitable for ingestion, using pressure and heat.

Another minor distinction between resin and rosinis the terpene profiles of the two cannabis concentrates. The extraction procedure and the strain chosen, both contribute to the diversity in terpene profiles.

While resin, especially live resin, preserves its terpene profile, rosin loses certain terpenes while retaining a lot of the scent and taste.

Resin is also solvent-free, but not living resin. It’s made by a procedure that employs butane or propane as a solvent. But that’s something we’ll talk about farther down.

Leftover or Reclaimed Resin

Leftover live resin, also known as reclaim, is often referred to as “resin.” People normally simply consume the live resin to prevent wasting any remaining cannabis in the pipe.

In reality, rather than smoking resin, most individuals dispose of it after cleaning out their equipment.

What Can You Do With Resin from a Weed Pipe?

Some of the best ways to deal with live resin are to smoke it as is. Use your live resin to make different concentrates for rosin, hash oil, scrape, and mix it with your weed stash; if you are creative enough, you can even do something different! There is no stopping with weed resin and there are many methods to heat the live resin, smoke it, and enjoy it.

Let’s read some of the unique ways you can further your high with cannabis resin:

1- Eat It

You read, and we said it. Yes, eating live resin is a real thing and many have tried to eat the small ball of resin. Eating cannabis resin also does not demand any work. None at all, actually. All you need to enjoy the live resin is to get it off your pipe with scrapping and eat it as is. Sounds gross? Yes, we agree! Smoking resin tar sounds better than eating it but many people like using up the leftover resin from their cannabis this way.

Edibles are a widespread cannabis product if you don’t always want to smoke, which you can even make with resin. This should never come as a surprise as a cannabis marijuana user is interested in finding a to eat and get high with resin. It does not take much! Regardless of the kind of resin you buy, you need the heater to be heated at about 250 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit in 30-60 minutes. It is definitely better than smoking tar.

Since the resin from the cannabis is already decarboxylated or sticky, it may feel like eating trash (read: disgusting) but if you want to try, we have found that it is completely safe to consume. The resin will probably taste gross too but hey, we are budding on the buzz that people get from it.

2- Put it to Good Use & Mix With Your Weed

Don’t want to eat it? No, sure problem. We have another easy and hassle-free solution for you to smoke your resin. Simply mix it with your cannabis plant and take a drag; this would be a great way to use up the leftover resin.

Whether you are running short on your organic plant stuff to light another weed pipe, or you are trying to make the best of the available cannabis plant, this solution is one of the best options to using the resin to get more high.

All you need to do is simply scrape off the leftover resin from the dab rig (your grinder, pipe, bobby pins, etc) and look for some more in the jar you store your cannabis. Put your freshly ground cannabis on a rolling paper, stick the resin with it, roll it, heat it well with your lighter, and smoke away. You can try the same with bong too. Or make use of a rolling paper for a slow and mild hit. Who needs alcohol for a buzz when you have rosin, resin, or hash leftover from your cannabis spree.

You can decrease the quantity of weed you add in this as the resin will make up for the remaining amount and also give you a slightly less buzz, but a good one nonetheless.

3- Smoke It As-Is

Smoking resin is not unchartered territory for cannabis smokers/hash stoners who make use of a glass pipe or bong method to get high. Admittedly, cannabis resin does not taste great, but when getting high with hash or cannabis, who cares about the taste over experience?

If you dare, there’s no better way to consume the resin from your pipe than this. This is also one of the easiest methods to get high, and something fellow stoners can relate to when it comes to leftover resin. Rather than putting your cannabis resin to another use, such as mixing with weed plant or making hash oil from it, many cannabis fans have a ball with smoking the resin as is after scraping the bud off the pipe.

You can roll it up in the paper and save some time too. Or simple, add it to your bong mix and smoke the cannabis resin up!

4- Make Hash with Resin

Whilst some find it disgusting, some love it too. It’s an either-and-or situation and you will find yourself on one side of the spectrum after trying this with your cannabis resin.

To turn resin into resin hash, after scrapping the resin, soak it in isopropyl, or rubbing alcohol as more commonly known, for an hour. After the hour, make use of a coffee filter or a cheesecloth to filter out the alcohol and whatever is left in the filter, is your hash. Make sure to let the cannabis resin dry before you roll it in a paper for a smoke.

If smoking is not always your thing, you can also try to make hash oil with it. This can work quite well if you don’t want to always smoke up. We recommend making some delicious brownies with cannabis resin if you can make enough hash oil. Simply add it to your batter bowl instead of regular butter or oil, and enjoy after baking.

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5- Gift it Away

Who does not like enjoying a free, unexpected gift of hashish for their bong? If you are not the type to smoke the resin hash or cannabis resin as is but have friends who do, this is your chance to bless them with the good gift of peace and relaxation. You don’t even have to do much!

You can choose to gift the cannabis resin as is or make resin hash and hash oil, depending on whom you are giving it to. Many people who don’t enjoy smoking cannabis resin but cannot afford marijuana, do not mind catching a light buzz with cannabis resin smoke and this would be the perfect giveaway for stoners who are always looking to loosen up a little.

6- Knife Hits is Another Way

Who does not enjoy a good knife hit? It’s a thrilling activity for stoners when it comes to cannabis resin and the experience makes the buzz even better than with smoking out of a bong. For those who are new here, knife hit is a method of smoking cannabis resin or marijuana by adding heat to two knives with a lighter or a blowtorch and vaporizing the plant using their heat.

Some consider this the best way to smoke cannabis resin as the hit can get one high, especially if the knife hit is paired with a bong and not weed pipe.

The tip is to take it slow and avoid long drags as it can make you feel dizzy and not as much fun. Slow and easy is the key when smoking resin.

7- Throw Away

Do not like it? No worries! Many people are like you in this regard. Many of us find live resin similar to taste as heated tar and do not love smoking tar. It cannot get simpler than this. As long as you’re stocked with your supplier for the cannabis plants, you can make do without if don’t need resin in your life anyway.

And there are many like you so don’t feel bad about not using resin, cannabis has no replacement after all. While it works well for some, it may be different for you.

Let’s dab rig and get high! There is no one method to smoke resin, and none of it is rights reserved. Stoners are creative, so get mixing with your live resin and get going! Smoke it, eat it, or mix it with your cannabis plant stash to use in your pipe or bong. Cannabis is here to be enjoyed and even though the live resin is like smoking tar, it still makes for a good high and does not cost anything.

It’s one of the best ways to get high when your money is dry, and hash is not abundant. There is also no more or less good way to collect resin from your weed pipe, hash stash, or grinder. There’s always more resin available than you think right now and you will be proven wrong once you start collecting it all in one place (if you don’t already do this regularly). It’s about making use of the good stuff on your bong bowl.

As long as you are careful with how you smoke it, the smoking resin can high your buzz, especially after a pure marijuana session.

We are hopeful that our recommendations will lead you to new adventures with resin and don’t forget to share the same with your friends. All rights reserved to your love when you get going, and feel grateful for us!


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